A Must Read Thriller: “The Calypso Directive” and a Giveaway!

What are you reading this summer?

If you’re looking for a super fast paced read this summer full of intrigue check out “The Calypso Directive” by Brian Andrews. I literally could not put this book down and read it in less than 48 hours. It’s simply a well researched and awesome thriller with non stop action.

The Calypso Directive will appeal to the ladies and the guys – which makes it a great Father’s Day gift for Dad or Grandpa looking for a summer beach read.

Fans of spy thrillers like the Bourne Identity and those who love medical thrillers will definitely enjoy this page turner as it is full of action, adventure, and explores the cutting edge of scientific possibilities and raises the question about if there might just be a gene for “perfect” health and immunity.


I read an advanced copy of this book last year and honestly could not put it down. I’m an avid reader and love super fast paced books like this that are entertaining but also full of historic research and scientific possibilities.

The book begins with the detailed and dramatic escape of the main character, Will Foster, from a medical ward where he was held against his will. I was immediately drawn to him and his ultimate quest for survival across Europe as he tries to find out WHO and WHY others are after him.

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Long after finishing the Calypso Directive, I found myself thinking about the main character and the predicament he found himself in …. I’m honestly dying for a sequel or a follow up related story about the various secret agents who helped Will try to uncover the plot surrounding his life. And even the scientific research brought up in the book has left me full of thought provoking ideas.  Is there a gene for perfect health? And if so, does anyone pharmaceutical company have the right to own a patent on their discovery of this gene?

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