Air Storm Firetek Bow Video Review

Check out the brand new Air Storm Firetek Bow and the Air Huntress Firetek Bow. I attended a big toy showcase in New York City yesterday so I could sample and get the scoop on all the hottest new toy trends for Holiday 2014. This was one of my favorites as Archery is still on trend and hot for kids and I love toys that keep kids active and playing outdoors too! We’ve got a Air Huntress Firetek and Air Storm Firetek Video Review so you can see this hot toy in action.  

Improving upon the original and super hot selling Air Storm bow made by Zing Toys, is the new Firetek bow which has darts and a bow that actually GLOW and light up. It’s simply fantastic and works great.

The new Firetek is exclusive to Walmart too. You can purchase it for only $29.97.

 Air Storm Firetek Bow Video Review

Take a peek at my video demo of me using the new Firetek Bow below. Miractulously, I even aim right for the target. SCORE!


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  2. Lady Lilith says:

    How cool. This looks like a really amazing product that boys would just adore.

  3. ashley says:

    I would love to know where that large light up target could be purchased…I want to buy the firetek bow but I also want to get the target but can’t find it anywhere, can you help??

  4. To be good post for the generate.

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