American Girl Truly Me Signature Studio Video Review and Photos 

This week we visited the American Girl store in New York City for a special treat when I brought the kids along with me to the Big Apple for a work trip. Kenzie was thrilled and I admit I get just as excited as her about visiting American Girl. I swear the two of us could stay in the store for hours. We booked dinner at the Cafe and then I told Kenzie we could check out the new American Girl Truly Me Signature Studio where kids can design their own doll clothes for their American Girl dolls.he process was super duper cute and so easy for Kenzie to figure out. Take a peek at our American Girl Truly Me Signature Studio Video Review and Photos below.

American Girl Truly Me Signature Studio Video Review and Photos

We were both curious about the process and figured we’d check it out in case she wanted to make something. Since the store was about to close, we had zero lines and went right up to the 3 iPads available to design doll clothes. The process was super duper cute and so easy for Kenzie to figure out. American Girl also had associates available to answer any questions and assure us her design and color choices would look great too as we wanted to be sure what we see on the iPad would look great in print too!

Note: Right now, the American Girl Truly Me Signature Studio experience is only available in store in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. You read online more details about the Truly Me Signature Studio on the American Girl website here.

American Girl Truly Me Signature Studio Video Review

Check out the quick little video review of how to design your own doll clothes for your American Girl. It is SOOOO easy and simple.  We were really impressed with the entire process. I paid $32 for Kenzie to make these PJ’s and they even say “Designed by Kenzie” on the inside. After you design on the iPad, they are literally printed out for your doll to where and delivered to you on a little hanger.

Step by Step Photos of Designing Your Own Doll Clothes at the American Girl Signature Studio

You can see the pricing options below and some of the display items on the wall of what your daughter can choose to design. Everything from a backpack doll carrier to PJ’s to a cute little dress. There are tons of patterns available along with various embellishments and trim borders for each outfit – from little puppies to stars to even images of American Girl Dolls. So cute!


Here is Kenzie loving her doll with her new design before we print it! As you can tell from all the photos the PJ’s turned out to be absolutely ADORABLE! Now we just need to visit NYC again so we can visit American Girl to create some more custom designs. So fun! Even little brother Kyle had a blast as he loves visiting the store with us too – the excitement is contagious!

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