To Cry or Not to Cry…..

We’ve been struggling for the past few weeks (or should I say months?) getting Kyle to sleep through the night – or at least to limit his wake ups. I am not the type of person to fixate on my lack of sleep. But, yeah, I’d like more sleep. What Mom with toddlers or babies […]

Wordless Wednesday: Jumperoo Time!

Thought this video of Kyle best captures how he is spending his days lately. Loving the jumperoo as all he wants to do is stand – not to mention he can’t yet sit. Entertainers, exersaucers and jumperoos are lifesavers at this stage. He doesn’t fit into our exersaucer yet so this jumperoo is his life […]

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommies, Grandma’s, Aunties, and Nana’s! Hope you all had a relaxing and marvelous day with your families. We had a great day. Mike organized a cute card from the kids when I was at the trail going for a run this morning. He pulled out the paint and did […]

Nintendo Wii is an early Mother's Day Surprise!

My hubby is really going to need to do a super special Mother’s Day gift to top the Nintendo Wii we received to review 2 days ago. So exciting! However, I think Mike thought it was a Father’s Day present – he was like a little kid at Christmas digging into the package, pulling out […]

Wordless Wednesday: Caught Sleeping

Mike caught Kyle and I taking a catnap on the sofa last weekend. I love this pic as I know these “baby” days are going to be over before I know it. Trying to savor every moment but it is tough sometimes as I also find myself rushing ahead for the next exciting milestone. Do […]

Moving into the Playskool Rose Petal Cottage

Kenzie is all over the Playskool Rose Petal Cottage. She was so excited – and a bit impatient when we were putting it together – so we let her move in a bit early! As we were assembling all the poles and putting the cover on, she decided to set up her dolls in the […]

Wordless Wednesday

This picture says it all. Mike really is super Dad, super man, and super hero to Kenzie, Kyle and I. Wish I could hold Kenzie while also wearing Kyle!

Rice Krispies: Childhood is Calling

Who didn’t grow up with Rice Krispies? As a kid, I literally ate them almost every day for breakfast and my Dad did eat them every day – and still does some 30 years later. And don’t forget the pleasure of eating Rice Krispie treats at a BBQ or party? Rice Krispies has a nice […]

Kellogg's Special K Bliss Bars

If you need a healthy 90 calorie treat, you’ve got to give the all new Kellogg’s Bliss Bars a taste. Thanks to Kellogg’s for sending my family this yummy in our tummy package for a taste test. Looks like Chocolatey is now a word as Kellogg’s Bliss Bars come in 2 delicious flavors – Chocolatey […]

Wordless Wednesday: About to see a 3D movie at Hershey Park

We popped into Chocolate World at Hershey Park before seeing the Doodlebops Concert last week out in Hershey, PA. Kenzie loves chocolate now although she was a little weirded out with the 3D flick on the history of chocolate. However, the glasses were a hit as little girls love to play dress up!