Pool Upgrade?

Mackenzie, 2 1/2, thinks this pool we bought for $5 at Babies R Us when she was 9 months is still divine! Practicing back floats, blowing bubbles and even jumping into the pool makes perfect sense as long as you have a body of water to work with. We may desperately need a pool upgrade […]

Wordless Wednesday: 5 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Normally this blog is generally all kids all the time……. like my days and nights in general during this phase of my life. Figured I’d pop up this cute photo from my wedding day. Our anniversary happens on a Friday again this year for the 1st time since were married 5 years ago on 6/27/03. […]

Ragu in a Pouch for the Microwave Diva

Love these simple and quick Ragu Sauces in a Pouch! I’ve been a fan of Ragu for years as I think their sauce is sweeter than most so it totally appeals to my taste buds. Plus they’ve got the all natural sauces that have a full serving of veggies in every 1/2 cup of sauce […]

Wordless Wednesday: Daddy's Little Girl

I didn’t do a Father’s Day post as I was too busy enjoying the day with my family in real life. So this one is for the Daddies. I can’t imagine doing this job alone! An extra special thank you to my Mike who it’s the most amazing father ever to our little ones. Hopefully, […]

It's an Itsy Bitsy Blue Bikini….

After taking some swim lessons last week, we all basked in the sun and baby pool for a few short hours this weekend at our local YMCA. Kenzie was thrilled with her new swimsuit or should i say bikini that I bought on a whim without much thought…. She totally has a regular suit that […]

A Disney Princess Canopy

So Disney decided to close about 90 stores across the country (or so I heard)…. call it bad luck or good fortune for me, but the Disney store at my local mall was one of these casualties. While at the mall, my Mom and I with both kids in tow decided to try to score […]

Wordless Wednesday: Loving Sundaes with Uncle Artie

Mackenzie fell in love with Uncle Artie and her very own “M&M” sundae on her night out with Daddy and Artie at Friendly’s this past weekend in Ithaca. Still talking about it 5 days later!

Cornell Reunion Weekend – with the kiddos!

Celebrated my 5 year b-school and 10 year undergrad reunion at Cornell this weekend. Ended up bringing the whole family along which was really sweet if somewhat chaotic. Since Mike and I met in ’96 during school it kind of felt like coming full circle. It was our first pseudo-family vacation as parents toting 2 […]

Wordless Wednesday: Splish Splash!

Celebrity Moms Give Back: Nancy Travis from the Bill Engvall Show talks with Classy Mommy

Classy Mommy talks with Nancy Travis, a star in TBS’s Top-Rated Family Sitcom THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW, to return for a Second Season on June 12th, about giving back. Nancy Travis made her feature film debut in the blockbuster comedy Three Men and A Baby. She also recently appeared in the film Sisterhood of the […]