We love the Matilda Jane Clothing Company

I had never heard of Matilda Jane Clothing before they sent us the cutest outfit modeled here by Mackenzie. It is totally comfortable and still adorable enough for a birthday party or special event. Ruffle pants and tops with a touch of original whimsy. Designed by Denise DeMarchis, Matilda Jane Clothing has been gifted to […]

BPA Buzz – Wal-Mart to Pull Baby Bottles with BPA

And they originally said it didn’t cause cancer……. looks like everybody is changing their tune in response to recent studies and tons of concerned and informed parents. In a move that will likely change the industry, Wal-Mart announced it will begin to pull all baby bottles containing bisphenol a, BPA, in the US and Canada. […]

Classy Mommy Interviews Christopher Gavigan, author of Healthy Child, Healthy World.

As Earth Day approaches, Classy Mommy talks with Christopher Gavigan, Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Child Healthy World, and author of the new book, Healthy Child, Healthy World. Read this interview to find out his thoughts and advice on creating a safe nursery, what to look out for in skincare products, cleaning agents and more! […]

The Bumbo Seat: Love it or Hate it?

It seems the Bumbo is a love hate relationship among Parents. I totally fell into the hate category with Kenzie as this seat just did not work for her – maybe I missed the appropriate stage and age. Decided to pull it out for Kyle and this little bugger has been adoring it the last […]

When Mom's away….the kids will play!

Well Camp Baby is over and I’m back home after my whirlwind getaway. Mackenzie, Kyle and Dad sure didn’t seem to mind me being away – dinner at Chuck E. Cheese is always a win for the kids. I think they wish I would go away again already! And my husband seems love the pizza […]

Off to Johnson's Camp Baby

Colleen is off to Johnson’s Camp Baby for 2 days. While she works the Mommy blogging circuit, dad will be holding down the fort – looks like pizza and ice cream for dinner! Read this doc on Scribd: Camp Baby Schedule

Johnson's Camp Baby: I'll be there!

Johnson & Johnson is generously hosting their first ever “Camp Baby” event for Mommy Bloggers in early April. I’m thrilled to be invited and will definitely be sharing my take on the event with readers. J&J’s outreach event to connect with Mom Bloggers has created a ton of drama in the blogsphere in the past […]

Happy Easter !

Easter was a huge hit with Mackenzie this year as she has discovered chocolate! Kyle, as you can tell from these photos, was pretty unphased by the entire experience!

Wordless Wednesday: Update on the Kids

How fast time flies…. Kyle was not even 48 hours old here – hard to believe he is now 12 weeks old! Kenzie (aka Big Sister) is all about giving her little brother the love! She finds him irresistable still!

Mackenzie's Rendition of Little Miss Muffet