Wordless Wednesday: Kenzie Chaperones Kylie

Height requirments at the Annual Dogwood Festival in our local town. Gotta love rules. No parents allowed. No Children under 36 inches allowed without a chaperone. Luckily, Kenzie, at 37 inches, was surprisingly allowed to chaperone little Kylie (35+ inches) on this carnival ride. Hooray! The girls had a ball and Kenzie even loved the […]

Moment of Fame

Kenzie and Kyle had their moment of fame (along with Mommy) in the Daily Local News on Mother’s Day when this cute photo graced the cover of the Business section in an article titled “Mompreneurs’ on the Rise” featuring Classy Mommy. I’d hyperlink to the article – but this is the local news and I […]

To Cry or Not to Cry…..

We’ve been struggling for the past few weeks (or should I say months?) getting Kyle to sleep through the night – or at least to limit his wake ups. I am not the type of person to fixate on my lack of sleep. But, yeah, I’d like more sleep. What Mom with toddlers or babies […]

Wordless Wednesday: Jumperoo Time!

Thought this video of Kyle best captures how he is spending his days lately. Loving the jumperoo as all he wants to do is stand – not to mention he can’t yet sit. Entertainers, exersaucers and jumperoos are lifesavers at this stage. He doesn’t fit into our exersaucer yet so this jumperoo is his life […]

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mommies, Grandma’s, Aunties, and Nana’s! Hope you all had a relaxing and marvelous day with your families. We had a great day. Mike organized a cute card from the kids when I was at the trail going for a run this morning. He pulled out the paint and did […]

Nintendo Wii is an early Mother's Day Surprise!

My hubby is really going to need to do a super special Mother’s Day gift to top the Nintendo Wii we received to review 2 days ago. So exciting! However, I think Mike thought it was a Father’s Day present – he was like a little kid at Christmas digging into the package, pulling out […]

Wordless Wednesday: Caught Sleeping

Mike caught Kyle and I taking a catnap on the sofa last weekend. I love this pic as I know these “baby” days are going to be over before I know it. Trying to savor every moment but it is tough sometimes as I also find myself rushing ahead for the next exciting milestone. Do […]

Moving into the Playskool Rose Petal Cottage

Kenzie is all over the Playskool Rose Petal Cottage. She was so excited – and a bit impatient when we were putting it together – so we let her move in a bit early! As we were assembling all the poles and putting the cover on, she decided to set up her dolls in the […]

Wordless Wednesday

This picture says it all. Mike really is super Dad, super man, and super hero to Kenzie, Kyle and I. Wish I could hold Kenzie while also wearing Kyle!

Rice Krispies: Childhood is Calling

Who didn’t grow up with Rice Krispies? As a kid, I literally ate them almost every day for breakfast and my Dad did eat them every day – and still does some 30 years later. And don’t forget the pleasure of eating Rice Krispie treats at a BBQ or party? Rice Krispies has a nice […]