Ultra Plush Mom Invented Fleece Crib Sheets

Baby it’s cold outside! That’s why Classy Mommy’s latest infatuation is for the Fleece safety crib sheets made by Fleece Baby for only$25. Mackenzie is still too young to sleep with blankets so this fleece sheet is beyond cozy to keep her warm all night long. They even make a fleece sheet for the Pack […]

Shake, Rattle and Sing with Kindermusik

The Winter and Spring 2007 session of Kindermusik has started up again and my Mackenzie could not be more thrilled. Classy Mommy loves Kindermusik too! I’ve taken Mackenzie to Kindermusik since she was 12 weeks old. I originally signed up for a class at this young age for my benefit – as I wanted to […]

The Stationary for Moms and Moms to Be by Bonnie Marcus

As their tagline suggests, Bonnie’s Style Press is where fashion meets paper. Founded by a Mom, this company turns ordinary paper into high style with their whimsical designs. Classy Mommy can’t get enough of their Expecting With Style line. My favorite is their “to do” lined note pads. Thank you cards, baby shower invites, and […]

Check out the "Wife in the Fast Lane" contest!

I promise you will be totally entertained if you take the time to browse this fabulous website promoting the brand new book, “Wife in the Fast Lane,” by Karen Quinn . Classy Mommy can’t wait to read this book as my book club and I absolutely loved her bestselling novel, “The Ivy Chronicles” which we […]

The perfect post labor gift for a new Mom

I’ve posted on Earth Mama Angel Baby before – and they are high on my radar right now as II know about 4 people who either just delivered or are about to any day. And yes, just under 15 months ago, I did receive this Labor Recovery Gift from a close friend in Texas who […]

Presto! The latest tech gear for Grandma and Grandpa

I love it. I love it. I love it. If you have grandparents frustrated at their inability to figure out email and see those fabulous baby pics, buy Presto for them. This genius product is perfect for the technology challenged. And it makes the perfect gift for your Grandparents! Send an email to Presto, and […]

Classy Mommy Giveaway: Ease your Nausea with Preggy Pops or Queasy Pops!

The folks at Preggy Pops know just how terrible nausea makes expecting Moms feel. Their Preggy Pops and Preggy Drops are meant to soothe those icky feelings with natural flavors like ginger, lemon, and peppermint. My favorite Preggy Pop is Peppermint. Since, so many pregnant moms have found relief with Preggy Pops, they now sell […]

Busy Body Book Family Organizer

It’s almost 2007 and time to pick out a new calendar for the year. Here is a super gift for Moms that need to get organized. For all you ultra busy Moms who need to keep track of the entire families schedule, consider the Busy Body Book family organizer. This versatile book is organized with […]

Classy Mommy adores aimeej Keepsake Albums

Classy Mommy loves aimeej keepsake boxes, albums, and frames. Aimee J’s products are totally gorgeous and classy – even if you’ve never been into organizing your photos and mementos before, her wide selection of keepsake albums, boxes, and frames will motivate you to document those special moments. And with the holidays fast approaching, her products […]

Perfect Tees for Mommy Friends

These tees are the perfect holiday gift for your Mommy friends. Ever feel like you need a martini playdate? Trendy moms are loving these fashionable tees. Fun mommy slogans include, “I’m too sexy for my minivan” and “mommy juice” among others. Darling Mummy will donate 10% of all sales from Classy Mommy to Project Peanut […]