DIY Halloween MakeUp with Eyeliner: Simple tricks to create Genius Mustaches and Beards

Time to get creative with the Halloween makeup! The easiest way to amplify any costume is with often with  elaborate makeup. And elaborate makeup doesn’t really need to be complicated or involve painting your entire face the color green. Check out how we go SIMPLE using DIY Halloween Makeup with Eyeliner to create our mustaches and beards for the little pirates in our family.

DIY Halloween MakeUp with Eyeliner

Take a peek at how we used eyeliner for our DIY Halloween Makeup for my sons pirate costumes below.

The Dramatic Mustache

To create a more dramatic Captain Hook we drew a swirling black mustache on Kyle’s face using a dark black basic eyeliner. So easy! Don’t you love the little CURLS on the end of his mustache? So fierce!

Tip for Drawing on Mustaches: Retrace your initial line multiple times to make it a little thicker and darker. Using a smudge proof and waterproof eyeliner is ideal too as then it will stay on longer despite the curious little hands!

The Stubbled Pirate Beard

This can be BLACK or BROWN. We opted for a thicker look as we blotted this beard onto Kyle’s face.

Tips for drawing a stubbled beard:  Basically smudge little mini dots and lines everywhere! We did this smudge method on Kyle’s face in his beard area to create the STUBBLE look. I think the stubble look works great because the stubble implies it doesn’t need to perfect — so none of our mistakes are noticeable!

Affordable Eyeliner Doubles as Halloween MakeUp

If you plan ahead, Mom won’t need to dedicate her existing stash of expensive eyeliner to the project. Instead, pop by your local Walmart and pick up some standard inexpensive stock eyeliners from either Loreal, Cover Girl or Maybelline.

These Maybelline and CoverGirl options I found at my local Walmart are ideal to get the job done and are available in many DARK black color ways and deep browns that work perfectly. Even better, these are colors that I wear regularly so I can use them for Halloween makeup and then keep them as spares in my purse or car for when I want to freshen up my make up on busy days when I’m on the go non stop.

Pricing for all these was in the $3.88-$6.97 range. AWESOME value! My Maybelline Unstoppable was under $5 at Walmart.

Take a peek at for some options here. 

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