Enter to win Tickets to the Super Bowl by Joining by Fan-cestry Football Team #Fancestry

P&G is hosting this cool Fan-cestry profile you can create about your Football watching personality and your favorite team – Create a Fancestry profile here and you’ll be entered to win tickets to the Super Bowl! I profess my profile told me I was the CLUELESS ONE when it came to football. I agree as I usually tend to focus on eating the nachos vs. who has the ball.

Do you want to learn more about your favorite team? Then join my Fan-cestry team and create your own cool profile page like this tailored to your team.

I’m excited to work with Tide and P&G on this Fan-cestry Promotion. The Fan-cestry profile is super fun and has the history of your favorite team, other neat facts, and of course info on your own Fan Style after you answer some fun questions. For instance are you a Monday Morning Quarterback re-hashing the game – or like me are you the clueless one? I admit I love my Philadelphia Eagles but I’m much more into the season when they are winning or when we’re at a party with lots of fun appetizers and conversation.

 Fan-cestry gives NFL fans the opportunity to celebrate their fandom, learn more about their favorite team and share with friends.

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