Jammin’ with the Doodlebops

We’re crazy for the Doodlebops! This spunky kids band is bright, colorful, and the songs are totally catchy. Last year, I must admit our entire family was somewhat obsessed after attending their fabulous live concert. We wish they were doing a US Tour again in 2009 as we’d love to go again. They’ve released this […]

Lady GaGa Fame Monster

Hey Moms, if you’re looking for some new tunes, check out Lady GaGa. I think you’ll love her! With the start of the new year, I’m listening to and loving Lady GaGa’s Fame Monster album. After watching Lady GaGa make a guest appearance and performance on Gossip Girl singing "Bad Romance," last fall, I became […]

Sing Along with Barbie DVD

Both Kenzie and Kyle are huge Barbie fans. They love to rock, roll, and dance to her tunes in each movie. (Yes even 2 year old Kyle adores Barbie and when he is sick and upset it especially soothes him more than anything else!) This DVD is a super compilation of the biggest hits of […]

Taylor Swift Speak Now

Who doesn’t love Taylor Swift? Her album "Speak Now" is incredible. I’ve always been a fan of her songs on the radio, but it wasn’t until I received her Speak Now album from Target to review that I finally appreciated her amazing talent. (And yes, bumping into in the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills last […]

Sponge Bob Headphones

Kiddie headphones! Time to get groovy and boogie down to the tunes. My kids are starting to get hot on some pop music and have also fallen in love with Taylor Swift. They love listening to music and storybooks on Kenzie’s CD player in her room and now they’ve been sharing these Sponge Bob headphones. […]

Taylor Swift Holiday Music

Love this Taylor Swift Christmas music – only available at Target! Our family obsession with Ms. Taylor Swift started last year when we received her Speak Now CD. The infatuation has never ended and the 3 and 5 year old just kept on loving Taylor and so did we too! Kenzie and I just bought […]

b Toys Woofer Guitar

Do your kids heart making music? What toddler or kid doesn’t right? I promise you’ll heart this toy guitar from ClassyMommy favorite b.Toys – the Woofer. Only $19.99 at Target too this instrument does it all and is lightweight too. You can strum it, play chords, press buttons, and even use it as a sing […]


My words just will not do it justice. If you haven’t seen Juno – please go see it -like yesterday! This movie is phenomenal, quirky, and touching. I liked it so much that I just orderd the catchy soundtrack to give me a Juno fix. It’s been a top downloaded album off iTunes and I […]