Fabulous Back to School Supplies for under $25

The kids and I tackled a Back to School shopping challenge at Walmart last week – our task was to buy a backpack for no more than $25 and stuff it with as much back to school supplies as we could with a budget of $25. And we bought duplicates of everything so that we could also DONATE one of our stuffed backpacks to a favorite local charity to help a student in need stock up on everything they need for Back to School.


We’ll be donating our bonus backpack to PACS – the Phoenixville Area Community Services – Kyle is keeping the sweet Marvel superhero backpack for himself and the Batman backpack is the one we will donate. I was most impressed with these inexpensive and super cool backpacks that were priced at only $9.88. Isn’t that a great value?

Below are photos of all the goodies we stuffed our backpack with – this is just showcasing 1 set of everything as we actually stuffed 2 entire backpacks!


The prices at Walmart were excellent for all the Back to School supplies. Like super cheap – think Crayola Crayons box of 24 for only $0.50! Walmart also price matches everything if you find a better price somewhere else. Scissors $1.47, erasers for $0.50 and a mini stapler for $0.97


My kids also loved the character themed folders and 1 subject notebooks. These were quite the steal too at $1.97 for the notebooks and $0.97 for the folders.

We also stocked up on paper for the printer – which my kids also love to draw and color on since they are only 4 and 6 years old!


And we love ice packs for the kids lunch boxes – Kenzie will be in school all day for the 1st time this year as she enters 1st grade so I’ll be packing her lunch daily. These ice packs were only $1. What a deal!


And if you don’t want a Tinkerbell, Disney Princess or Avengers notebook, the regular composition books were only $0.50!


Here’s my talley of EVERYTHING we bought. You can see we got all these goodies for under $40 and our budget for supplies and backpack was $50. The backpack was our biggest savings as $9.88 for these cool backpacks is a steal.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Walmart and we used a $100 gift card to purchase our back to school supplies to facilitate our feature and so we could buy duplicates of everything to donate to a charity of our choice. We’ll be donating our extra backpack to PACS- the Phoenixville Area Community Services so they can give these goodies to the right student.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. awesome job. There are so many kids that aren’t get all of their supplies for school, very nice of you to help someone out.

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