Father’s Day Hanes Big Softy $50 Visa Gift card giveaway

We heart Hanes! My husband exclusively wears Hanes soft tees and now he’s thrilled with their new tech innovations too! Mike and my son Kyle are both loving their FreshIQ advanced odor protection technology — it’s in socks and I’m all about the super duper SOFT Hanes Comfort Blend T-shirts! To celebrate Dad’s, we’re offering a BIG SOFTY giveaway for 1 lucky Classy Mommy reader. Check it out and enter below.

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Hanes Big Softy Giveaway Entry Details

Eligibility is for US Residents and mailing addresses only. 1 winner will be chosen. Prize package includes the below items.

$50 Hanes Visa Card

3-Pack of Hanes® Superior Soft T-shirts

Package of Hanes® Socks with FreshIQ™

Hanes Big Softy Giveaway

1. Leave a comment below by June 22nd, 2017

2. Daily Comments as daily entries allowed.

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The Scoop on Hanes Tees

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Introducing Hanes® ComfortBlend® Superior Softness Undershirts — now with Modal

  • Cotton-Modal blend offers superior comfort
  • Includes FreshIQ™ advanced odor protection technology
  • Hanes softest tee ever
  • Quick drying and durable fabric shrinks less and keeps its shape
  • Tag-free for itch-free comfort
  • Lay flat collar
  • $12.00 for 3 Pack, in Crewneck and V-neck, available at Hanes.com and Walmart.com
  • Sizes S-2X, in Crew Neck and V-Neck styles

Thanks to Hanes for providing prizing for this giveaway. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

About Colleen Padilla

Colleen Padilla, the founder and editor of ClassyMommy.com lives in the Philly suburbs and is a full time mom for her 2 children, Mackenzie (7) and Kyle (5). Colleen and the Classy Mommy website have been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, The New York Post, local Philadelphia ABC, CBS, and NBC programs. Colleen has appeared in a TV special about Alpha Moms on South Korea’s NBC affiliate SBS. She also co-authored The Digital Mom Handbook (HarperCollins).


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