No Brainer Tricks for a Healthier Lifestyle #FindYourHealthy


How do you find your healthy??? 1. Stock my Essential Vitamins in my Purse I need an EASY vitamin routine. That includes many fail safes to insure I can take my vites daily! I love the convenience of these mini on the go vitamins from the CVS Health line and it’s a huge bonus for […]

5 Ways To Use Peppermint Oil This Winter


Winter months around here can be rough. Minimal sun, gray days, freezing mornings and it is a lot easier to pick up sickness and those winter blues! During this time of year, I love to add essential oils to my daily routine in some way. I have many favorites, but peppermint oil is my go to […]

3 Favorite Natural Tricks to Fight Colds and Flu


Tis the season of sniffles! How do you prevent colds and flu in your household? I know it’s always a battle in our house – especially with asthma kids! Given the asthma factor puts my kids at even higher risk of complications and infections, I do everything possible to try and ward off the common […]

7 Ways To Detox and Cleanse After the Holiday Fun

7 ways to detox

Now that the holidays are winding down, guest have left the house, all the left overs have been eaten and sugar plums danced in our heads. It’s time time to get back into a normal routine around here. Or somewhat!  Before I get back into the real swing of things I like to re introduce […]

7 Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

7 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

We’re heading into the holiday season soon which means lot’s and lot’s of family time, parties non stop and an overload of sweets, treats and beverages.. and also the flu season! Check out these 7 Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar below. I discovered that apple cider vinegar can be god send at this time of the […]

Boosting Immunity and Preventing Flu with On the Go Vitamins #FindYourHealthy


What do you do to prevent the flu and protect your family from all those nasty winter bugs and viruses? It’s a giant battle in our house. With asthma kids, both Kenzie and Kyle seem to quickly and more easily get sick than many of their friends so we do everything we can to keep […]

Delicious Chewable Probiotics for Kids from CVS #FindYourHealthy


Are you a believer in Probiotics? With the health problems that Kenzie has been battling with her asthma, so many real life and online friends have recommended probiotics to us. Probiotics are known to help boost immunity and gut health. With the copious amounts of antibiotics Kenzie has to take due to her frequent chest […]

Find Out Your Babies Gender at 9 Weeks with @PanoramaTest


When you were pregnant, did you find out if you were having a boy or a girl before your delivery??? I’m from the camp of Mom who could NOT wait to find out what I was having. Which wasnt’ until my 20 week ultrasounds! Did you know now you can find out your babies gender […]

Fast Relief with the New Advil® Film-Coated #FastAdvil

Mike running #FastAdvil

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by fast acting Advil® Film-Coated and I received a free sample of Advil® Film-Coated. This is a sponsored post for SocialStars by Crowdtap. All opinions expressed are my own. #FastAdvil If your an athlete or prone to headaches, you’re probably always looking for FAST relief from aches […]

Patriotic Band Aids for the 4th of July #GoVetsGo

Band Aid Patriotic style Veterans

Perfect for 4th of July! Check out these OUR VETERAN HEROES BAND-AIDS. For every box purchased, J&J donates money to help our nation’s veterans. Full of a wide variety of patriotic and military patterns, these are perfect for July 4th and truly anytime of year. Kids especially love their BAND AIDS. My son is no exception […]