Caltrate Gummy Bites

Caltrate Gummy Bites

Worth mentioning! Finally an easy way to get my Calcium and Vitamin D in a way that tastes delicious too. Introducing Caltrate Gummy Bites – my new favorite way to get my daily intake of Calcium and Vitamin D. Hooray! This is a brand new product introduction from Caltrate and is on sale NOW. If […]

Honest Company Bug Spray

honest company bug spray

Works great and repels insects naturally and organically! Thanks to the help of Citronella, Rosemary, and Wintergreen essentials, Honest Company Bug Spray  smells good while keeping the itchy critters like mosquitoes away. Bug Spray is a must have in my house as my 6 year old massively reacts to biting insects like mosquitoes – we’re talking […]

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Sunscreen Lotion Video Review


Kenzie and I had the chance to check out 4 new products from Hawaiian Tropic that are now available at Walmart. My favorite was the Aloha Kiss Moisturizing Lip gloss that has an SPF 20 rating and provides some really natural light lip color. We also tested out the Shimmer Effect line below – a […]

The Star Wars Light Saber Toothbrush helps kids Brush Like a Jedi!

Star Wars Light Saber Toothbrush

We’re all kinds of crazy about brushing our teeth after 4 year old Kyle’s pediatric dental problems earlier this year. We are doing it all – flossing, mouth wash, and trying to teach him how to better brush his teeth. So I was super excited to check out these Star Wars style toothbrushes from Sunstar GUM. […]

Cute Allergy Alert Bracelets for Kids


Calling all Kids with Allergies! Parents, if you have kids with allergies, Allermates has introduced a super cute line of comfy and fun bracelets for kids to identify the kids as being “allergic”. This is a great option to alert caretakers, school friends, birthday party hosts, and camp staff of your child’s allergies. Affordable and […]

A taste of life on the set….


Yesterday was pretty much a DREAM day. I was in LA’s “Culver City” to film a video shoot. So much fun! And with any shoot – comes star treatment in the form of getting your hair and make up done. It felt awesome to have someone trying to make me beautiful. It feels like going […]

The new Coach Summer Scent Fragrance


We sampled Coach’s new summer fragrance shown below. Wish a blog post could share scent! We found this light perfume to be just right. I especially love the look of the trendy bottle – just displaying it on my vanity table is a gift! This is a 1.7 oz bottle – which typically sells for […]

Tips to Fight Colds & Flu plus Save $1 off Robitussin

Robitussin iPhone app

Spring is in the air. Flowers and trees are blooming and budding, but unfortunately the nasty cold & flu bugs of winter tend to linger this time of year.  Here’s a $1 off coupon for Robitussin and a link to download the Robitussin Relief Finder app for free at the iTunes store. How to Boost Your […]

4 Key Tips on Choosing a Family Cord Blood Bank

cord blood

Here’s some key tips for every mom-to-be on cord blood banking. I didn’t do it for my kids, but with recent news and new research being discovered all the time – I so now wish I had done my homework and signed up to save their cord blood . I just was overwhelmed with my […]

P&G’s “Have You Tried This Yet?” Media event


Last week I spent a few days in Miami to attend P&G’s “Have you Tried This Yet?” media event. In celebration of their new brand saver coupon guide coming out – with over $100 of coupon’s in the Sunday paper, they hosted a media event to show off over a dozen new innovative products all […]