Hot Wheels Terrain Twisters


Here’s our video demo and review of Hot Wheels Terrain Twisters, a radio control car that works in mud, grass, snow, and water. Little boys and Dads love a good remote control vehicle and one that goes on all these various surfaces is even more fun. (And, yes it works on our carpet indoors too! )

Take a peek at our video of the Hot Wheels Terrain Twisters in action in the snow here:

This is what the car looks like up close.  See the pontoons on it?

You’ll see there is an antenna since this is a radio control car. We were impressed with the distance of the remote too as we had the car in the backyard while we were warm inside our family room controlling it through the window.



Set up was very easy and all the charging products were included. You just plug in this card into a wall charger to charge the vehicle. Here’s what it looks like. The only thing we noticed was that the charge seemed to run out quickly in the sense that the speed of the car would be slower if it hadn’t been charged recently or we didn’t recharge the card from one day to the next even without a lot of drive time. However, it could just be that our surface – in the snow – was certainly a slower type of travel compared to short grass or the fast driveway.


Here’s the remote. It was supe reasy to use and my 5 year old was able to quickly figure out how to control and manipulate the remote to change the direction of his car.


Priced at about $99 but on sale for the $75 range this is a more expensive gift but one that will WOW the entire family – Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters. Everyone will enjoy the Terrain Twisters and get involved in driving the car or watching it test out new surfaces which I in my opinion brings up the value of the item.

Disclosure: We received this Terrain Twister as a sample item to facilitate our review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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