Keep the Magic Alive with a Personalized “Your Santa Story” DVD on Christmas morning

I’m seriously LOVING the “Your Santa Story” service we had the opportunity to sample – a personalized DVD for your children from Santa Claus himself. At Your Santa Story, Mom and Dad can go online to order this super unique and totally personalized story direct from Santa  after helping create a script for Santa to video and film specific for your own children.

Then, on Christmas morning,  your children will see instructions to pop this extra “surprise DVD package” in the DVD player.

My kids are going to go WILD when they receive this DVD surprise – Your Santa Story. We even scripted in a secret spot to check for 1 more hidden gift for the kids!

Santa is actually live and talking – no tricks of the camera. This is a real recording!

I was able to include100% personalized tidbits for the kids – including Kenzie’s swim team experience at our country club, her exceptional races in Freestyle and obsession with reading while for Kyle we mentioned how proud of his excellent behavior we are and Santa congratulates him on that AMAZING soccer game when Kyle scored 3 goals. (And trust me that really was an AMAZING and miraculous game!)

Too cool! I want to extend the magic of Santa as long as I can for my children and I think this is one more trick in Mom’s arsenal to keep the faith strong for their kids.

For kids on the cusp of not believing, this is one more way to instill the magic a little bit longer.

You can order until December 21st so act fast!

The ordering process is really easy and I completed my order in 5 minutes. Here’s the general scoop of what you do taken from the website which was extremely useable and easy to navigate.

5 Simple Steps to begin your STORY

1. Click on Begin Your Story to the left
2. Fill in the blanks when prompted
3. Be sure to read the tips along the way
4. Review and Approve your script
5. Check out
Pricing runs at $29.95 and specific unique stories are also available for military families, in sign language, spanish speaking families, and ex pat families.
Check out the website and you will be impressed. I can not WAIT to share this with my children on Christmas morning – I’ve watched our DVD and the quality is excellent and I am certain the kids will be thrilled.
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