Crouching Toddler, Hidden Cheetah

Sneaking into the thicket, Kyle prowls around pretending to be a cheetah on his last day of summer camp. Face painting paired with imagination provides hours of entertainment for Kenzie and Kyle.  My kids couldn’t get enough of pre-school camp this summer and are so sad it has ended.

Fashion Friday: What I Scored Lately

Fashion Haul TJ Maxx Style! Check out our video to see the full details on our fabulous finds from TJ Maxx. Mommy & the kids scored big time on this trip. The kids are most impressed by their lunch boxes – only $5.99 and perfect for lunch bunch as they head back to preschool. Love […]

Caping it up!

  Kenzie got to play model yesterday at a photo shoot for my friend Caroline’s Lina Bean product line. Caroline is a mompreneur who sells fabulous handmade goodies she designs herself – everything from capes to burps to charming matching ties for boys & headbands for girls. Kenzie was most impressed with her first ever […]

What’s the Scoop with the Poop?

What do you do when a terrible diaper explosion happens during inconvenient circumstances? Especially when you don’t have enough wipes nearby to solve the stinky messy crisis! I’d love to hear your Mommy confessions! Here’s my poop confession. And yes I admit it is a bit unorthodox and wasteful to cut up a perfect onesie but […]

Kenzie’s Driving with Boys

Taking a spin with Kenzie’s 1st love. Over 2 years ago when Kenzie was only 2.5 yrs old she met P.J. at preschool summer camp and they pretended to get married…. they had a thing for each other from the day they first met. Their affections have grown over the years and now that they […]

The Bulldozer kids

What better entertainment than letting the kids climb, play and even operate a bulldozer? The kids Grandpa who owns a paving company gave the kids a tour and even let Kenzie operate the forklift and drive the truck. (Under his supervision of course – although you can imagine I was still having a near heart […]

The Big Jump

Conquering the diving board. No simple task. I’m so proud of my little girl! My heart is still bursting hours later after watching her jump off the diving board for the very 1st time. Watching her took me back to a summer 30 years ago when I too was only 4 years old. I still […]

Pining for Pillow Pets

Enough said. Someday they’ll have a pet to call their own.

The Lunch Box Kids

My kids hit the jackpot when we randomly went to TJ Maxx yesterday after swimming lessons and found this stash of awesome lunch boxes. Only $5.99 each with tons to choose from.  (Mom also scored a big win with 7 for all Mankind Jeans in my size for only $60 instead of $215!) I let […]

The Smoke Bomb Hurdler

What a jump! Emerging from the smoke,  Kenzie clears her smoke bombs  with perfect hurdler form. Maybe the steeplechase will be her future sport? The kids thought these smoke bombs were the coolest driveway firework for sure. We never even made it to our sparklers!