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‘Tis the season for giving. Did you know 46 million Americans – including 12 million children – relyon Feeding America food banks and pantries? Please think about supporting The Great American MilkDrive with a donation to make a difference in the lives of these families. And to raise awareness aboutthis cause, I’m hosting a sweet tech giveaway for 1 lucky winner so we’ll hopefully encourage more people to learn about the need to get more milk into our Feeding America food banks. Entry details below!IMG_4194.JPG

My family and I were WOWED to learn that 46 million Americans rely on Feeding America and their local food banks to help feed their families. We’ve always supported canned food drives and even helped organize events to give back in our own community, but until now I never realized the critical need for milk donations.

This past month, I’ve been talking about our efforts at Classy Mommy to support The Great American Milk Drive to help raise money to purchase milk for Feeding America food banks and pantries across America.  Milk is one of the most requested, yet least donated items year round at food banks since it is perishable. Milk provides key nutrients in the diet -especially for growing children.

The Easy Way to Add Milk to the Food Pantries in YOUR OWN Community

The Great American Milk Drive lets you make a donation online – on our donate page – and still specifya zip code so your donation can directly impact your community. Hooray!

As I explained in my earlier posts, milk is often the MOST requested item at Food banks but given the perishability of milk, it’s often in low supplies at many food banks and the first item to run out of stock leaving families without this important nutrient-rich beverage.


Please Make a Donation Now

Help a family in need and join The Great American Milk Drive in THE Holiday Give Together. Help hungry families with the gift of milk! The best news is – you’ll benefit a family near you – when you enter your zip code, your donation will be sent to the Feeding America food bank that serves your hometown.

Donate to my Classy Mommy Milk Drive page here.


Let’s see how much money we can raise together for The Holiday Give Together!

Stats on Hunger and the Need for Milk

Please consider making a donation to The Great American Milk Drive this holiday season!

  • More than 46 million Americans – including 12 million children – rely on Feeding America banks and pantries.
  •  Milk is one of the most requested yet least donated items year round because it is perishable.
  • On average, food bank clients receive the equivalent of less than one gallon of milk per person per year!!!! This leaves many families with very limited access to the essential nutrients found in milk, like protein, calcium, Vitamin D and potassium.

Milk Drive Kindle Fire Tablet Prize Package Giveaway

1 winner will be selected. This giveaway includes a Kindle Fire Tablet and other goodies!  Details on prizing below, specific items subject to change.

Eligibility for US Residents only. 

o Tablet

o Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

o Bath Bombs

o Cow Pattern Scarf

How to Enter:

1. Leave a comment below by January 7th, 2015.

2. Daily comments as daily entries are allowed.

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 Note this post is sponsored by The Great American Milk Drive. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

About Colleen Padilla

Colleen Padilla, the founder and editor of lives in the Philly suburbs and is a full time mom for her 2 children, Mackenzie (7) and Kyle (5). Colleen and the Classy Mommy website have been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, The New York Post, local Philadelphia ABC, CBS, and NBC programs. Colleen has appeared in a TV special about Alpha Moms on South Korea’s NBC affiliate SBS. She also co-authored The Digital Mom Handbook (HarperCollins).


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