Michael Jordan Hanes Commercial & Giveaway

Win it! Hanes has a bunch of new commercials airing starring Michael Jordan – their 20 year spokesperson promoting those lay flat collar tees we all love. Take a peek here at their Flight #23 YouTube channel which has a reel of commercials with Michael Jordan. And yes travel sometimes is just a little uncomfortable isn’t it? I’m a talker but when I’m on a plane I just want to zone out and relax and not make small talk with strangers.  Tell us about an uncomfortable travel moment you’ve experienced to win $100 gift card to Hanes.com.

Enter to win by leaving a comment by June 7th, 2010. One winner will be chosen to receive the $100 gift card to Hanes.com.

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Hanes Comfort Crew and they are providing this $100 gift card to our winning reader.

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Colleen Padilla, the founder and editor of ClassyMommy.com lives in the Philly suburbs and is a full time mom for her 2 children, Mackenzie (7) and Kyle (5). Colleen and the Classy Mommy website have been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, The New York Post, local Philadelphia ABC, CBS, and NBC programs. Colleen has appeared in a TV special about Alpha Moms on South Korea’s NBC affiliate SBS. She also co-authored The Digital Mom Handbook (HarperCollins).


  1. Jessica says:

    What a fantastic prize! Why is it that underwear and socks are the last things we ever think to buy but need so desperately? A $100 gift card sure would buy a lot!

  2. Jessica says:

    Ooops, forget to mention my most uncomfortable travel moment (was too caught up in the thought about having to purchase the “necessities” for my family).

    My most uncomfortable (and frustrating) travel moment was when my son was upset on a plane. I was too cheap to buy him his own seat (he wasn’t 2 yet) and held him on my lap. BIG MISTAKE. He kicked, cried and just wouldn’t be still for the entire 2 hour flight. I felt so bad for the people sitting in front of us that I thought about buying them a drink! Needless to say, I opened up the wallet and paid over $200 for his return seat home and the flight was painless.

  3. Stephanie says:

    My most uncomfortable travel moment was when we drove 8 hrs to St Louis, then the 8 hours back! There were three of us in the back seat of the car and no way of moving around at all without getting into each other’s space! My back went out half way home and I had to deal with the pain till we could get home!

  4. Debbie says:

    This is a wonderful prize. Another one guilty here, something I never buy for myself! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. ELAINE says:

    MOst uncomfortable travel moment, My 6month old had an ear infection when we were forced to fly for a family emergency. Poor thing screamed and cried the whole way. I didnt know who to feel sorrier for, him or the other passengers!

  6. NJJ says:

    Great Giveaway I LOVE HANES esp. their new Pink Line! My most uncomfortable moment was sitting in the passenger seat of tiny 4 seater compact car and driving for 5 hours straight with my friends knees in my back the whole way there :(

  7. We flew home to my parents house yesterday for the long weekend. Our second flight from Atlanta into Pensacola was on a small plane that was completely full. Right as we were lifting off my one year old decided it would be a good time to have a big case of diarrhea. Not only did it smell awful, there was no where on the plane to change is diaper. For the hour flight, not just us, but everyone around us got to enjoy the disgusting smell of poop in cramped quarters. The lady behind us said very loudly “Why do we always get stuck by the babies that are either crying or stink”. I was soo embarrassed. I couldn’t wait to get off that plane.

  8. Shannon says:

    Wow! that would be an awesome prize to win!

  9. Kristen says:

    The most uncomfortable moment I had was on a red eye flight…I was in the middle seat…no place to comfortably rest my head…couldn’t sleep….felt anxious and trapped!

  10. Cindi says:

    I do not enjoy flying! It is basically a panic attack
    for me the entire time we are in the air! The last flight I took was only for love out of my husband. He didn’t want to fly to Florida for a cruise his parents took us on!
    The seats were so close together and in one part of the plane a baby was screaming, endlessly, which I felt very sorry for. Then, a man was talking on a soapbox and the entire plane full of people could hear him. I didn’t have any earphones…..Many thanks, Cindi

  11. Wehaf says:

    I flew from Texas to New York once with a raging sinus infection, so the pressure changes were agonizing. And added to that was the three hour delay on the tarmac at Dallas. I would have paid a pretty penny for some Nyquil on that trip!

  12. stampedwithgrace says:

    I was on a 30 min flight one time, and it was very turbulent. when we finally landed I wanted to rush off the plane, afraid I was going to throw up, but there was a huge line of people in front of me. I fortunately didn’t throw up on the plane, but it has made flying much less enjoyable for me.

  13. Jenna Wood says:

    I had a bad case of food poisoning kick in while on a 6 hour flight cross country!
    six_one_nine_girlie86 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. Denise Wilson says:

    We could use some new undies!

    One uncomfortable travel moment was on our honeymoon flight. We had a delay and had to wait on the plane for a while. It was very warm and uncomfortable. Then, the lady sitting in front of us, who had her puppy with her, started screaming for a doctor. She had given her dog some doggy downers for the trip and apparently had given him too much. Poor dog was almost unconscious and was hardly breathing!

  15. Mitch J says:

    Hanes are super comfy…great prize.

  16. Mami2jcn says:

    I was uncomfortable on an airplane traveling with my oldest son on my lap, when he was 7 months old. He cried almost the whole time and everyone kept glaring at us.

  17. My most uncomfortable travel moment was on a flight from Palm Springs, CA to Atlanta, GA … non-stop flight. There was not an empty seat on the flight and I was seated near a gentleman who worked in construction. It was obvious he had not showered in several days and apparently he had not slept much either. The moment he took his seat I knew I was in trouble. He spread out and totally invaded my space. He brought food on the plane with him and at one point he reached over and attempted to lower my seat tray to have more room to spread out his food and magazines. That was the worst flight ever and now I start to panic when I’m on a flight and having to sit next to someone I don’t know.

  18. Anissa says:

    I love their tagless bikinis! My moment would have to be when I flew to S Afr to visit my sister when I was 7 weeks pregnant and had extreme morning sickness…that was uncomfortable (lost 7 pounds on that trip).

  19. Ann says:

    I really hate it to when people like to chat with you. That happens to me most of the time when I fly.

  20. Jane says:

    I haven’t had any extremely terrible travel experiences, just run of the mill bad -motion sickness, crying babies one aisle back, delays, etc. But I’ve also been lucky enough to get switched to earlier flights, get free travel vouchers for switching to slightly later flights, etc. So overall I don’t have too much to complain about.

  21. lise says:

    my dh loves their briefs and my daughter loves their sweatshirts & tees.

  22. Sara Bobbittt says:

    My family and I were riding a train into the city, an 1.5 hour ride, when my 2.5yr old daughter started to cry that she was hungry. The only things I had were a small package of prunes or a caffine bar. I figured I better give her a caffine bar since it was the lesser of the two evils.

  23. Megan B says:

    On my first-ever flight, I went to Alaska on a mission trip, which was around a 12-hour flight. I was a nervous teenager and found myself stuck in the middle seat between a sleeping woman and a (very large) business man who kept his laptop the whole time. After 5 hours, I asked him if I could please get out (he was in the aisle seat) so I could stretch my legs. He sighed like it was the most impossible request ever and looked at me like I was horrible for asking. But he moved. I went and found my friend and begged the (random) person beside him to switch seats with me – and he did! I’d still like to thank that guy.

  24. Michelle C says:

    Big fan of Hanes products! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  25. jeanine davis says:

    Michael Jordan has been the perfect spokesperson for Hanes. My 4 kids and grandson and hubby could use some new unmentionables..Thanks for the chance to win! Good luck to us all!

  26. Rachel says:

    Well, I don’t really travel, but I’d love to win this prize!

  27. Nicole Koetting says:

    This would be awesome to win!!!

  28. Danetta says:

    My most uncomfortable travel moment was when we went from Texas to California for my sister in law’s wedding. My son was not even a year old and it was his first plane ride. I had experienced the dreaded popping of the ears from flying and was concerned about the same thing happening to my son. I had heard all types of tips for dealing with and avoiding ear popping from happening to infants. I was so into trying to avoid my son’s ears from popping that I ended up with my own ears popping!

  29. Nad says:

    Hanes clothes are so comfy! Thank you for the chance.

  30. Nat Stevens says:

    I’d love some skivvie shirts

  31. Marilyn Wons says:

    An uncomfortable moment I had when traveling was last year on a plane. My I go up out of my seat to use the bathroom, my pants ripped and I wanted to climb under a seat!

  32. Nadine L says:

    My most uncomfortable moment was when we were driving from MA to NJ for a car show. We were in a 23 T-Bucket (No windows and a very small windshield) when it started pouring. By the time the rain stopped we were soaked to the bone. Nothing worse than being cold, wet and miserable.

  33. shel says:

    My most uncomfortable travel moment: we were headed to Chicago to move my oldest son home after college. I rented a Uhaul to pick up while we were there. When we arrived, Uhaul claimed to have no more trucks and then found us one..it was the biggest clunker I’d ever seen; the Sandford & Son truck is what we referred to it as. We pulled up to move my son out and his roommates parents all had nice trucks..we looked like the hillbilly family.

    It ran just as well as it looks and the gas gauge never worked so we constantly stopped on the 5 hour drive home to put gas in it. Not only that but when we went to turn it in, they tried to charge us overage on the mileage until we told them the mileage was kilometers and not miles..we were actually under our mileage.

  34. Maureen says:

    An uncomfortable travel was when we were traveling back from California and the family (there are 9 in my family-7 siblings and my parents). This was when we were younger. We stopped off at an aunts house and well we all got the stomach flu.

  35. Amber G says:

    I sure would love to win – I had a very uncomfortable travel moment when I was stuck sitting next to a morbidly obese man who smelled very bad on a flight from NYC to LA! Longest flight of my life…

  36. Claire says:

    I’ve never been on an airplane, but I was once on an 8 hour drive in a cramped car with no bathroom breaks!

  37. Jordan Brower says:

    I love flying but I absolutely hate it when the person next to me is sitting there SNORING **AND** SWEATING all in the same time!! This happened to me on a VERY LONG flight once and I don’t think i’ll ever forget it!

  38. Jaque says:

    Hanes is my favorite brand of under garments and sleep wear…always a perfect fit and always comfortable.

    Thank you. :-)

  39. Jaque says:

    Sorry, I forgot to leave my uncomfortable travel moment…and this is an easy one! I was flying, alone, cross country and was very sleepy. I put my seat back and nodded off….suddenly, I have no idea why, I woke up! I had my head on the shoulder of a very good looking man and had flung my arm across his chest. When I came fully awake, I looked up at him, apologized and slowly moved away. He was a complete gentleman. He smiled and said it was no problem…we chatted all the way through the flight….me a bit nervously.

  40. Janice R says:

    What a great prize. I sure could use it

  41. Adrienne Gordon says:

    funny commericals.

  42. Patricia Hill says:

    My most uncomfortable time traveling was when we were fogged in and a two flight became a 10 hour flight with a 3 mon. old baby.

  43. Denise says:

    What a great prize that I could really use!

  44. cathy says:

    love hanes. Thank you

  45. Andy says:

    On a flight I was seated right behind a fellow student who had recently been expelled for drug use. He was traveling with his mother and they were on their way to get him admitted to rehab.

  46. polly k. says:

    my worst was when i had such a side ache. they called for a dr. over the intercom. got moved up to 1st class(couldn’t even enjoy it)had firemen, paramedics waiting with a stretcher when the plane landed. was in the hospital overnight. ugh!

  47. Wade Triplett says:

    I’m running out of boxers and socks!!! This would help out a lot.

  48. sarah d. says:

    Just about everyone in the house could use some new underpants.

  49. Cee says:

    Traveling with my little one has been difficult. She doesn’t enjoy being strapped in a car or plane seat, and our closest family is 2.5 hours away. We’ve never had a comfortable flight, nor have those around us, I’m sure :) We try to minimize our traveling, since she is much happier free from cars or planes.

  50. Jennifer B says:

    My uncomfortable travel moment was being crammed into the smallest plan ever, no room for my feet and I am short!

  51. Lyndsey K says:

    This is a nice offer from Hanes this would come in handy.

  52. SANDY says:

    love hanes, so comfy and are quality

  53. blueviolet says:

    Hanes makes the comfiest undies! Great giveaway!

  54. Ms. T says:

    Only thing I can see is having to sit in car for a long period of time..

  55. brenda helgeson says:

    Always up for new undies.

  56. Kiara says:

    Thank for the great giveaway!

  57. Peter says:

    Once I started wearing Hanes underwear and socks, I would never change. The first to get rid of the dreaded tag. I love the quality,softness and price of Hanes.

  58. Stephanie V. says:

    My family could put this to good use – for sure!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  59. Katy says:

    Hanes is my favorite brand!

  60. Margaret Smith says:

    I love Hanes products. We buy Hanes for everyone in our family. What a great giveaway.

  61. courtney says:

    wow! love hanes… thanks for the chance!

  62. McKim says:

    We were on our way home from a vacation, and I just happened to be the lucky one that sat in front of a kid who loved to continually kick the chair in front of him. I tried audibly sighing, dirty looks, etc. – none of which worked, until I finally turned around and said “knock it off!”

  63. Kathy Luman says:

    Hanes is great company. I would love to win this gift card to give it to my husband for him t be able to choose what to get for himself.

  64. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  65. sara h. says:

    Our child had uncontrollable gas while we were on a flight and there was no way to cover up what was happening. Luckily, it was more loud than potent ;-) The people around us just rolled their eyes when we made eye contact wit them.

  66. Allison says:

    Hanes has great products!

  67. Gina says:

    I went to Boston with my mom for a day trip. I was about 3 months pregnant, and had nausea.. the motion of the train ride just made it worse!

  68. Roxanne Ellis Raymond says:

    Hanes products are great, we know we can always count on their quality!

  69. Ellen Ring says:

    Hanes makes great underwear & this would really help stretch our budget.

  70. Ellen Ring says:

    I’m an e mail subscriber.

  71. Donna L says:

    I never had a uncomfortable travel moment. Hanes makes great products. Thanks

  72. Sheila says:

    My sister was 2 years old and upon landing she threw up all over me.

  73. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I’ve only been in a plane once, and that was as a nurse to a patient being flown to a larger city for emergency surgery. I was sicker than the patient on that flight due to the turbulance.
    I’m no longer a nurse due to some genetic nerve disease the Doc’s don’t have a name for yet. I wish they’d test me for adult onset Pompe’s disease. Ahh well.
    Anyways, all of my other travel experiences have been by car. The most uncomfortable travel moment I had was when I was in junior high and a youth group was traveling to Six Flags. Our brakes failed and we were nearly hit at a traffic light we couldn’t stop at because of a hole in the brake line. Very frightening. The emergency brake somehow kicked in when engaged, but still very scary.
    Needless to say the vehicle was fixed before we went any further.

  74. Kimberly L says:

    Hanes is great quality

  75. Jess says:

    I love the fact that their tees are tag-less. Those durn tags get so irritating! When I first saw the commercials for them I remember thinking they nailed it.

  76. Colleen says:

    I like Hanes.

  77. donn says:

    no one can ever have enough hanes ware

  78. Anne Taylor says:

    This would be wonderful for my daughter’s boyfriend. He works outside and gets wet and dirty alot; I’m sure he would be thrilled to receive this!

    I love Hanes!


    (in Canada)

  79. Darlene Alexander says:

    This has happened to me several times: You miss a rest stop and have to wait another 50 miles. Yikes! Now that’s uncomfortable.

  80. merle says:

    the one travel experience i will never forget, was the flight home to see my mother who was just diagnosed with cancer. i cried from South Carolina to Hawaii.

  81. Renski says:

    I love Hanes products. We buy Hanes for everyone in our family. What a great giveaway.

  82. Marcia Goss says:

    My husband wears only Hanes! He could use some new t-shirts.

  83. Tari L. says:

    The first time I traveled by plane, I was going to IN to visit a male friend. When I arrived at the airport he met me and we went to gather up my bags. They never came. I was mortified as I had everything in them. I ended up borrowing pj’s from his sister to sleep in. Thankfully my bags arrived pretty early the next morning.

  84. g. l. penrod says:

    i love there fit and quality

  85. carol s. says:

    We all wear Hanes-comfy and they last a long time.

  86. Kristi C says:

    I was once on a plane ride from one side of the country to the other beside a person who was reeked of body odor and onion. It was awful. I really thought I was going to be sick from the smell.

  87. carol says:

    thanks for the great giveaway

  88. Sarah Hirsch says:

    On a flight back from Disneyworld, my husband and I caught some stomach bug that my son had experienced during the trip. Luckily my son was better before we boarded, but my husband and I had to take turns visiting the bathroom, where we were vomiting into the toilet. Awful, and uncomfortable for sure!

  89. Deanna G. says:

    One time when I was flying I chose a window seat because I like to look outside & this huge guy got the seat next to me, I was completely smooshed! Luckily it was a pretty short flight but it was quite uncomfortable.

  90. Suzanne K says:

    I love Hanes tagless, and really LOVE the MJ commercials!

  91. Deci Worland says:

    On my last flight, we were delayed at the security point as they body searched three dark-haired young men. a little scary.

  92. Linda says:

    I ended up on the plane by a lady that was scared to fly, so she talked the whole time!

  93. Jacob says:

    I wear Hanes already but like most guys I have probably waited to long and need some new stuff. This would really help!

  94. Diane R. says:

    During a tour of Tibet, we were warned that under no circumstances should a woman EVER touch a Tibetan monk no matter how slight or innocent the contact. So on the connecting flight back to China, guess who was sitting next to me? This huge giant of a man in the full regalia of the Tibetan monk. I spent the mercifully short trip squeezed into the corner of my narrow seat terrified that a toe or a fingertip might brush his saffron robe. He, on the other hand, was quite comfortable with the situation. For instance, he snatched my suitcase out of my hand and tossed it in the overhead bin for me without the slightest care that he might brush my hand.

  95. Linda Fish says:

    My hubby needs this!

  96. Ronald Bernheim says:

    my fav brand. just in time.

  97. Deb says:

    I have only flown once and it was wonderful. I still would like to enter the sweepstakes. Thank you for the chance to win.

  98. Autumn B. says:

    i’d love some more hanes undies!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  99. Aisling says:

    After a rather lengthy wait to board my flight, my seat mate was quite a talker. He was also about half drunk when he boarded and proceeded to have a couple more drinks rather quickly. He decided to entertain himself by ripping a newspaper into shreds and stuffing them into the seat pocket in front of him. (That took him most of the flight.)

  100. Heather S says:

    We love Hanes!

  101. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    Such a nice giveaway-thank you!

  102. paige chandler says:

    I love the softness and wearability of Hanes. The womans line rules!

  103. Linda Lansford says:

    This is my fave brand

  104. Stacy says:

    My DH only wears Hanes tees!

  105. Daniel M says:

    i need some new undies!

  106. Jeanette Huston says:

    I like their boy cut briefs;-)

  107. allyson says:

    the women half brief with matching bra

  108. lisa says:

    Hanes and comfort are practically synonymous.

  109. Joannie says:

    An uncomfortable moment for me was when my seatmate asked for an extension on his seat belt. He was halfway in my seat, and it was a long uncomfortable ride without enough room to move at all in my seat.

  110. Holly W says:

    On a bus across country…I was seated next to an older gentleman whom by the end of the trip, I knew his whole life story. I just wanted to sleep and I’m not overly social with people I don’t know
    anyway, so very uncomfortable!

  111. Danica D. says:

    An uncomfortable travel moment I’ve experience is when I had to sit next to an anxious little boy who kept whining to his father the whole trip, not to mention the fact that he kept kicking my legs. It was my first plane ride in years and I was already nervous, so that just made it worse.

  112. Sharon Harmon says:

    My husband and I both like Hanes!

  113. Louis says:

    enter me please, love Hanes underwear

  114. loni says:

    I love Hanes socks…

  115. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    Getting sick on a airplane trip and doing whatever I could not to spew

  116. cathiem says:

    I am a fan of Hanes.

  117. rachel says:

    Most uncomfortable, sitting on an airplane between my sleeping husband and a random stranger falling asleep on me.

  118. Rosie says:

    I really can’t stand talkers who can’t take a hint. Sometimes I’m in the mood to talk with someone next to me on the bus, train, or plane – but not for the entire ride! There was a guy who talked constantly across from me on the Amtrak. I had to excuse myself and go to the dining car to get away from him!

  119. Miranda says:

    My uncomfortable travel moment would be our recent road trip to Colorado(17 hour drive) and our youngest puked all over his car seat and clothes. It wasn’t the easiet thing to clean up with just diaper wipes. But we made do and got his clothes changed. But it wasn’t nice at the time.

  120. brandy nelson says:

    My son needs new Hanes Boxers!

  121. James Ellard says:

    i love hanes brands

  122. Cynthia C says:

    My moment was literally uncomfortable. I was seated next to a passenger who was so obese that she took up half my space. I sat scrunched up in the corner of my seat across country.

  123. Amanda says:

    Hanes is great. No expensive frills, just comfort. I love my granny panties! Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. April says:

    Hanes clothes are so soft. The whole family loves them!

  125. Catherine says:

    I’m glad I can’t remember which airline this was, but on one of the longest flights I have taken, from the east coast to Hawaii, I was subject to some of the worst food on this planet. I am a vegetarian. When meals were served, I’d indicate this on my reservation. On this flight the chefs decided to be creative. Lettuce and tomato would have been sufficient, but I had every mystery grain with mystery sauce known to humankind. Some of the meals lookded like dog food.

  126. patricia says:

    My most uncomfortable moment was traveling from Virginia to Geogia by car when my children were small. The *Are we there Yets* drove me insane.

  127. Susan C says:

    I would love to be able to stock up on Hanes undies!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  128. nicole says:

    This would be perfect for school shopping.

  129. Crystal F says:

    My daughter and I both could really use this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. Nicole-Lynn says:

    What a generous giveaway! We’re saving for our wedding and buying a house and my fiance needs some undergarments and socks so this would really help us out!


  131. Michelle says:

    Any overseas flight in coach is uncomfortable. Grumpy passengers, grumpy flight attendants, too many people crammed into a plane.

  132. Monique Rizzo says:

    Hubby is a Hanes man!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  133. Nicole C. says:

    I would love to win this.

  134. Kristy says:

    My DH loves his Hanes!

  135. Kate says:

    All of my uncomfortable travel moments have been on planes- trapped in a tiny space with stranger is not fun. Love Hanes – pure comfort

  136. Joni taylor says:

    on a train with a screaming baby for over 2 hours

  137. ANGEL JACKLYN says:

    TO WIN THIS WOULD BE A BLESSING kytah00@yahoo.com

  138. Kelly says:

    I was on a connecting flight from St. Louis to Chicago. I had already had a 2-hour flight to St. Louis, but didn’t have to change planes.

    Halfway through the flight, I needed to use the restroom. I asked the lady next to me to please excuse me. She said, “It’s a short flight, you can wait. You should have gone before you got on the plane.” I was too baffled to speak for a minute. I told her that I’d been in this seat since Oklahoma City and could she please keep her judgments to herself.

    It turns out we were catching the same flight from Chicago to DC, and she was seated in the same row. Since the flight was not full, she immediately asked to be moved so that she “wouldn’t have to be constantly inconvenienced.” It’s funny now, but it was definitely awkward and uncomfortable!

  139. Sarah says:

    I’d love to win! Our family wears a lot of Hanes!

  140. Nancy S. says:

    Hanes is such a comfortable, affordable brand!! Love me some Hanes!

  141. Sharon A says:

    An uncomfortable moment for me was asking to trade seats with another passenger in order to sit by my husband. It put me in the middle and I don’t like being in the middle.

  142. Phyllis says:

    I would love to win this. Thanks

  143. Madeline says:

    I was drawing a man once on a plane. I thought I was being very discreet about it until he came up to me and said, “Very nice work.” I was glad he liked it, but a little mortified at being caught.

  144. sarah says:

    this is a great giveaway thanks.

  145. Christine says:

    need some new undies

  146. Lori Hart says:

    Thanks for the giveaway

  147. NGS says:

    Yum. MJ is so hot. He’s never going to get too old for me!!

  148. lisa blumenstein says:

    The family could use some new undies thanks for the chance

  149. Vanessa says:

    Oh I’d love to have this to buy some new undies for my family. Thanks!

  150. Nicole May says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  151. Stephanie says:

    On my way home from BlogHer 2008, I was SICK, SICK, SICK…due to morning sickness. I had just found out I was pregnant with baby #2 prior to the conference and was pretty nauseous throughout the weekend.

    When I got on the plane, I found myself seated next to a 50-year-old man. To be courteous, I explained that I was pregnant and feeling very sick. I ended up throwing up TWICE – into two different bags – during that flight. So awkward.

    Fortunately, my seat-mate was an absolute gentleman about the whole thing. He was very kind and warm and said he didn’t mind at all. He explained that he was just returning from a trip to see his daughter who was also pregnant and very sick. A wonderful coincidence, don’t you think?

    P.S. I love Hanes!

  152. Jeff says:

    Han’es pocket shirts are great for work!

  153. Tiffany Pettey says:

    i love the durability and the texture of hames plus they last a long time and offer many different clothing items… i love their loungs pants in XL i practically lived in them while i was pregnant and still wearing them like a crazy woman

  154. Joshua Mongler says:

    Good blog. I could use some new underwear. Thanks.

  155. Erica says:

    My story is actually very much like Stephanie’s. I was on my way up to visit my sister for Thanksgiving, and I was in my first trimester of pregnancy. I was rather nauseated and ended up having to vomit in one of the lovely little bags provided in the back of the seat in front of me. I was quite embarrassed, and there was a man next to me for whom I felt a little sorry for having to witness my episode.

    To make it worse, the flight attendant was not coming by. I pushed the button, I raised my hand to alert her that I needed assistance…nothing. I apologized to the man next to me, and he took my bag and held it up in the air so the flight attendant could see it and do something about it. I was momentarily mortified that my little bag of vomit was waving in the air for all the passengers to see, but the man was insistent on taking care of me.

    It turns out he was an EMT back home, and my vomit was nothing to him. We chatted the whole way to San Jose, and he further took care of me by ordering ginger ale and making me feel comfortable. I was so thankful for a caring and understanding seatmate, even if he did make my vomit public…

  156. Bacallsmom says:

    My husband and I drove over 200 miles to attend a cat show. On the day of our return, I woke up with a migraine. Guess what? I forgot to bring my prescription migraine pills. We had to stop at just about every gas station and rest stop on the drive home so I could be sick. That’s a drive neither one of us will ever forget–no matter how hard we try. ;-)

  157. Alex K. says:

    If I won, i would buy their soft crewnecks and tank tops.

  158. allison says:

    michael jordan sure does look good in those hanes commercials!

  159. Laurie says:

    Would love to win this! My hubby goes through a lot of white shirts…

  160. Kristie says:

    My most uncomfortable travel moment was probably when we had to drive 17 hours (exhausted) with 7 people and 5 days worth of luggage…no fun!

  161. Julie says:

    All my husband buys is Hanes white t-shirts! Could really use this:)

  162. Susan West says:

    First off is there anything better than snuggling up to your man with a soft hanes shirt on,lovely,now for my story many years ago we took a trip to another state to pick up a baby african lion(yes thats what I said,lol)so on the way home I had him on my chest snuggling with him when he decided he needed to urinate and drenched my shirt with lion urine,I was not happy and did not have another shirt,so my husband took his shirt off(hanes of course) and gave it to me to put on,very sweet of him but of course he was dying laughing the whole time!

  163. Lori Z. says:

    Hanes is wonderful! And is it weird that Michael Jordan still looks amazing? Guys suck!

  164. George says:

    On the trip from Hell I could have used a Hanes Tshirt to change. It’s a 10+ hour flight from Moscow to NY. The first clue that things would not end well was when a woman got on the plane who was extremely ill with the flu. Shortly after takeoff, after being served, the flight attendant accidently hit my arm spilling my glass of red wine all over me. Later in the flight, coffee was spilled on my shirt and lap too. Remember the late entrant on the flight? A few days later I came down with the flu…

  165. Vicki G says:

    This would be perfect for my son in college! Hanes would give him a boost!

  166. Jackie Dorrell says:

    My first (and last) plane trip was from Little Rock to New Mexico. I was very nervous and it was very obvious to the passenger beside me. He tried to calm me down by telling me that I had nothing to worry about except if the plane starts shaking then we ran out of fuel and we are going down. About that time we hit some turbulance (which I didnt know anything about turbulance)and I started screaming, praying and had my nails dugged so tight in his arm. “Don’t worry” he says “Chances are, you wont feel a thing when we hit the ground.” For the remainder of the flight he continued to frighten me about the plane crashing until I was such a nervous wreck that I litterally threw up on me and him. He was silent for the last 20 minutes of the flight.

  167. joni says:

    I flew 10 hours straight once with Pepsi’ed panties. Spilt my drink as soon as we took off and squished the entire flight.

  168. Eileen Deliz says:

    I was returning home from a work trip in Denver (lived in DC) during the week before Christmas. The plane was packed and I had to sit in the middle seat, the one where they have 5 seats in a row, next to a snoring co-worker and a over-sized lady who sadly couldn’t move much. Both of them ended up leaning towards my seat during the 5-hr flight. Oh, one of them had, shall we say, stomach issues too. WORST FLIGHT EVER!!!

  169. catherine says:

    Plenty of stuff we could buy from Hanes…plus I always pack extra clothes for a flight.

  170. Crystal S says:

    I was pregnant and on a flight to Hawaii. I had a viral infection so I was couging a lot and my eyes were oozing with gook! I am sure if anyone got a good look at me they were frightened of me!

  171. nan lara says:

    nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

  172. sandra says:

    i love hanes products. they’re a trusted brand

  173. judy brittle says:

    My husband lives in their sweat pants and I could get rid of his ugly old ones with the rips. Plus I could use quite a few things. Thank you!

  174. Jennifer Short says:

    Upon arriving at the airport, all flights were cancelled. Which meant I couldn’t get my connecting flight in Toronto to Tel Aviv. I called tha airline’s 800 number and they said I could never reschedule. I said that was unacceptable that we had spent $5,000 on this vacation and that it wasn’t my fault they cancelled the flight. I was hung up on! So, after repeating the same thing (and being hung up on several times) I got someone who scheduled us on a flight the next day (which I had to pay for the hotel room in Jerusalem even though we weren’t staying there.) The next day I decided to check my carry on specifically stating to my friends I was traveling with, “What are the chances BOTH of my suitcases would be lost?” Chances were 100%. Upon arriving in Tel Aviv, we had NO luggage. We were arriving a day late thanks to the airline, and it was difficult to get to Jerusalem because it was not only Shabbat, but Shavout, a major Jewish holiday. One of my friends (and my roommate on the trip) won’t wear deoderant and we were in the same clothes for over 72 hours. I had an asthma attack in Ein Gedi, and forgot I had cuts all over me when I started into the Dead Sea. I came out SCREAMING. Then on the way home, a flight attendant at the airport started cussing off one of my friends because he paid for a luggage cart and she said he wasn’t allowed to have one in the airport! (Why not? Other people had them and he paid for it! If we weren’t “Allowed” to use a luggage cart to transport our luggage from one part of the airport to another, why are they available?)

  175. Erin M. says:

    Michael Jordan.
    Still an icon and RESPECTED!
    I’d love to surprise Dad with Hanes brand products for Father’s Day.

  176. Aura says:

    I love their stockings

  177. brenda f says:

    Would love to win this. My dad goes through a lot of white shirts!

  178. Jessica says:

    Thanks for another great giveaway! I always seem to “lose” socks (I swear my kitty is hoarding them somewhere!). I love that Hanes is affordable but not low quality!

  179. Aimee W. says:

    Talk about embarrassing…
    I was going on one of my first job interviews after graduating college. I had to sit in a waiting room with a bunch of other applicants. Since I had some time, I excused myself to visit the restroom. Apparently, when I straightened myself out (or didn’t), the bottom of my skirt was stuck in the TOP in my pantyhose!! I was actually very grateful that I was in a waiting room with a group of other people. One super-nice girl grabbed me as I walked back in the room — and nonchalantly tugged my skirt and gave me a smile. Better her than my future boss. And, yes, I did get the job :o)

    Thank you for hosting this generous giveaway – I would be SO thrilled to win!

  180. I have our whole family dressed in hanes undergarments. They are comfy and durable!

  181. Sergio says:

    My uncomfortable moment was when i was on a 4 hour flight to Mexico, and used some no brand undies i got off the plane and had a rash, and they were the worst underwear i could of bought. I NEED HANES CLOTHING

  182. Laura says:

    My most uncomfortable travel moment was returning from Mexico after the airline lost our luggage. We spent a week in the same clothes and underwear and were so stinky the whole plane ride home :(

  183. Beth says:

    I sat next to a very talkative 3rd grader and just wanted to relax. I faked sleeping and later he told his parents who sat a few rows over that I was faking my nap. That looked at me like I was nutty! oops!

  184. Kimberly says:

    We went to visit my boyfriend’s brother and his family out of state. They live pretty far away, so even though we’d been dating for 2 years, I’d only met them once before. When we sat down to dinner our first night out, his neice asked flat out where his ex girlfried was, where she was working, if she was with anyone else, etc. I was so uncomfortable.

  185. Holly says:

    my most uncomfortable traveling experience was I was my plane arrived late due to weather and I had only minutes to get to my connecting flight. They actually held the plane for me. When I entered the plane they started to taxi to get in line for take off, everyone on the plane gave me looks, like I held up the plane personally. Well the plane was in the line-up for 15 minutes when the announced that our flight was cancelled because of the weather and we went back to the gate. I know everyone thought that if they had gone out to taxi earlier we would of taked off. I was a bit uncomfortable lol.

  186. Denyse says:

    We were on our way to Orlando. As soon as we saw our exit we realized the fire smell we were smelling was us. We pulled over and saw the back tire (area) was on fire. We spent the first 3 days getting our car fixed and then had no money to vacation. Pathetic, huh!

  187. Holly says:

    Mine was last year, I went with my parents (I’m 26), to see my brother graduate from the Army Airborne division, I rode from Ohio to North Carolina with them in a tiny car. I also had PMS and got motion sickness. And then on the way home my parents started fighting which made me uncomfortable. I’ll never do that again! LOL

  188. sarah b says:

    i once had to travel internationally, sick. oh that is not so fun. 8 hours on a plane. sick. ugh. hope it never happens again!

  189. Jill Myrick says:

    From socks to tees to sweats we love Hanes and they are a staple in our home.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  190. Carrie Baird says:

    I was traveling many years ago with my husband and had a layover in the San Francisco airport. We live in a small town and don’t travel much, so were enjoying every minute of the trip. As we walked through the airport I saw a nice looking man who was probably as tall a man as I have ever seen. Then seconds later a number of other very tall men followed him. Soon after, I realized it was the Portland Trailblazers basketball team! We continued our walk-through of the airport. Approaching a large window and looking out, we saw the most beautiful, brilliant double rainbow. Looking at it, mesmerized, we missed our flight and had to wait for the next flight.

  191. Belinda M says:

    Cute commercial. I would love to win this for my boyfriend because he loves hanes products

  192. Nanci K says:

    My husband always wears Hanes and now my son is getting to the age to be wearing Hanes too.

  193. Debra P says:

    My husband loves Hanes socks. debsweeps4@yahoo.com

  194. Julie says:

    I flew for the first time at 37 years old. I loved it! Fortunately my seat mates were experienced travlers who didnt mind sharing. They pointed out landmarks that I would have msised.

  195. Glenda says:

    When we went on vacation and I didn’t pack for my husband. Nor did he. He had to buy clothes.


  196. Gena says:

    Actually, and this is no offense to the guy sitting next to me, but last time I flew the man next to me was very large and had to get a seat belt extender. I didn’t care until I realized that this man was larger than his seat and was spilling into my side. I was so uncomfortable about saying anythign I just had to sit that way and It was so hot all the way on the flight!

  197. Annette D says:

    The commercials are great! Michael Jordan is a great spokesman!

  198. Debra F says:

    Hanes underwear are the only brand I’ll buy for my boys…they love them.

  199. ky2here says:

    I love Hanes for myself. Great quality and fair price.

  200. LeesaWho says:

    Hehehe! Those are pretty funny. I’ve sat next to people like that on planes before.

  201. L.D. says:

    I just bought some hanes items. I love their stuff. Would love to win.

  202. A.B. says:

    I could sure some new Hanes!

  203. Christie says:

    This is a better commercial than the Charlie Sheen ones they’ve had. Why do they always make Michael Jordan appear so unappealing and unapproachable in the Hanes commercials?

  204. Paula Hafner says:

    Once is was fly with my daughter who was 6 months old. The plane was packed. She pooped up her back and out her diaper. A stewardess let me change her on the seat they sit on. She spread out a blanket. The blanket and my daughter’s clothes went in the garbage. :)

  205. Laura Woods says:

    Near the end of a long flight the woman next to me pulled out some wet wipes and began wiping herself off with them. Face, chest, armpits, etc. Basically she took a bath right next to me. I was pretty uncomfortable.

  206. Katie R. says:

    While boarding a plane I passed out and an ambulance was called. I was wheeled out and rushed to the hospital. After being cleared to leave I had to get right back on the plane to get to my destination. I felt very sick the entire flight and it was very uncomfortable.

  207. gina says:

    Hanes has so much to offer for every member of the family…Its all super comfortable too.

  208. richard licata says:


  209. Julie L says:

    We are a Hanes wearing family. :) The first time I flew on a airplane I was “newly”pregnant and didn’t know it yet. I kept running to the bathroom because I had to throw up-it was embarrassing and miserable

  210. Cherise B says:

    I would love to win this card. My fam LOVES Hanes!

  211. Kate says:

    Hanes is a family name around here. This would be perfect!!

  212. Mandala says:

    Hanes is a trusted brand that our family uses. Hope I could win this!

  213. Geena F says:

    Most uncomfortable travel moment was getting kicked out of the Madrid bus station for sleeping on the floor.

  214. Amber says:

    We love Hanes so this would be a great prize to win!

  215. taylorbagels says:

    The time we got lost on a road trip to Ohio- Sea world. It took us so long I was getting very antsy

  216. Jennifer R says:

    I love Hanes clothing. It is comfortable, classic, and affordable.

  217. Susan Bywater says:

    The worst time I had on an airplane was coming back from a vacation in Florida, I got so sick on the way home. The flight attendant wouldn’t move the beverage cart so I could make it to the bathroom, so I was forced to throw up in the little bag, sitting beside someone I didn’t even know. I felt really bad for that person.

  218. Lentil says:

    Awkward travel moment: after sharing pleasant conversation with a fellow traveler, the talk somehow turned to politics, (Hint: I was not the one to bring it up). It turned out we stand on opposite sides of the fence. No big deal, but: this woman was so ugly, so vitriolic in her hatred, it was downright scary. I did my best to redirect the conversation, but we had an hour more before we reached our destination. On a positive note, we love Hanes socks!

  219. Annmarie W. says:

    The most uncomfortable travel moments are when you have to take young children or babies on the plane. When they cry & you can’t get them to stop & everyone is just staring at you like you’re an idiot…

  220. Pauline M says:

    I was flying to Las Vegas (for business, not pleasure!) but took my three month old with since my mother came along for for some fun and agreed to watch him while I worked. He had an earache and screamed the entire trip. Poor kid and nearby passengers!

  221. Tara Jobe says:

    I was once wedged in the middle seat between two large, smelly men who both snored the entire flight! It was awful!!!

  222. carol lewis says:

    On one flight the air vent counldn’t be turned off and it hit me on the one side of the face the whole time. On top of that the bathroom had a leak and they had to keep opening the door and cleaning up the water. Ew

  223. Kay Fischler says:

    Love Hanes products and buy them for myself and my family.

  224. Anthony H says:

    enter me

  225. Melissa B. says:

    We took my mother in law for a drive through the mountains. She was so scared of the curvy road that she started cussing my husband for his driving skills. I was in the back seat, wishing aliens would abduct me!

  226. Liza says:

    My family could always use new underwear!

  227. Jennifer M says:

    After we adopted our daughter from China, we had a 29-hour trip home with a screaming 10-month-old. Uncomfortable doesn’t begin to describe it!

  228. Barbara M says:

    Enjoyed the video!
    Hanes is top of the line quality!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    barbara.montyj at gmail dot com

  229. spencer says:

    I love Hanes for myself and son. Great quality and price.

  230. Robin says:

    Hanes is the only brand my family uses

  231. Viva says:

    I was flying with my toddler and I had her car seat installed on the plane. The person in front of her had their seat back all the way and she kept kicking the seat back. I felt horrible, but the person never moved up the seat. Maybe it felt like a massage chair?

  232. Andrew W says:

    Tagless t-shirts are the best t-shirts on the market. Great product.

  233. Manuel C says:

    Rick: “We’ll always have Aruba…”
    Sarah: (Throws fork onto plate in disgust)
    Rick: “This shirt, it’s 100% cotton, you know…”
    Sarah: (Screams) “SECURITY”
    Rick: You’ll always be safe with me.
    Sarah: (Activates emergency latch, exits scene)

  234. Gloria S says:

    Hanes are my husband’s favorite brand

  235. Ellie W says:

    This would come in so handy for my two grandsons who are growing so fast and need new underwear.

  236. Eric Rathbun says:

    my most uncomfortable travel moment was literally uncomfortable. sitting in a middle seat between two people who overflowed theirs.

  237. Craig Johnson says:

    MJ still rules, I would buy any product he endorses!!

  238. shawna says:

    We love Hanes!

  239. Sonya Allstun says:

    Hanes are the best tee shirts and undies out there enter me please

    thanks for such a great giveaway

  240. karen says:

    Love Hanes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  241. Jonathan says:

    When my brother and I were kids we used to dance around our room in our Hanes underwear, singing, “Hanes, Hanes, Hanes, those wonderful things, things, things.”

  242. Op says:

    sweet commercial and contest :)

  243. rebekah arnold says:

    Iam not one who cares to travel anywhere and on my first bus ride that was 2 days long I had my 1 1/2 yr old with me who did nothing but scream the whole trip it was very uncomfortable thanks for the giveaway

  244. Lynn S says:

    I love Hanes great price.

  245. Jennifer G says:

    We wear Hanes socks in this family!

  246. Heather says:

    We love Hanes! I would LOVE to win this giveaway!

  247. Isabella says:

    Hanes are super comfy, and our whole family loves to wear all kinds of stuff from them. Would love to win this :)

  248. Amanda says:

    An uncomfortable moment I have had on a plane was the 8 hour flight home from London, which turned into 11 hours after sitting on in our seats for a 3 hour delay. I sat next to an Italian guy, who was nice enough, but I sat by the window and had to get up to use the restroom like 3 times and he was trying to sleep. :(

  249. Kathy Scott says:

    I was sitting next to a Russian Speed Skater. He was totally ignoring the no cell phone rule and was talking the entire time on his phone. The worst part he was speaking Russian so I couldn’t even eaves drop.

  250. Jillian says:

    worst travel experience would have to be my hangover on a flight back from texas

  251. Annette E says:

    My worst travel experience was when my 19-month-old son cried and scream for 3 hours straight on a plane from Providence to Phoenix.

  252. sam feuss says:

    I HATE to fly. The worst plane experience I have ever had was going to meet our newly adopted child in a remote region of Kazakhstan in the dead of winter. They packed us like sardines into this leftover WW2 plane, and there were so many people that they jammed folding chairs in the aisles. I AM NOT kidding. Even the co-pilot was in a folding chair. Screaming babies were so awesome, as well as a LARGE and awful smelling man who draped his legs over me and went to sleep. AND would not move off me! My husband was so far away he could not help me. And it was so cold the plane froze to the ground, so they kept dumping this blue ice remover stuff over the plane all the way up the runway as we were taxing off. Did I mention that the “rest” area we stopped at had the Stalin/Communist decorations (sickle and all) up? And DIRTY pit toilets? AND it was below 0 degrees, with no heat? None of this is stretching the truth- it all happened!

  253. Bryanna P. says:

    Awesome blog and thanks for the giveaway!
    Would love, love, LOVE to win this!
    Worst travel experience would have to be the nasty cockroaches in Costa Rica. They were HUGE!

  254. Heather C says:

    The worst travel experience I had was on a greyhound bus. I was about 8, and the seats were spread out everywhere, so I was siting next to a random guy. He fell asleep next to me, and started snoring and fell on my shoulder. No matter what I did, he would NOT wake up. I moved and sat in my brother seat with him. It was the worst trip I had.

  255. Barbara says:

    My worst travel experience was a flight where I sat next to a toddler who screamed and cried the entire time. He also had diarrhea and his mother changed him right there in the seat. Yuck!

  256. Colleen S says:

    I once sat next to a guy holding a bouquet of flowers that cried the entire flight. These weren’t strong silent happy tears either, he was flat out bawling. Man, was that a long hour and a half flight.

  257. katie says:

    My uncomfortable travel moments are when I don’t have an armrest on the plane. Now I always board early so I can claim my territory!

  258. Ashley says:

    The most uncomfortable travel moment I had was on a flight to Las Vegas. I left my son who was then 4 1/2 months old with my in-laws. I was still breastfeeding and brought the breast pump with me to pump and dump while on my trip.

    I started to feel engorged, so I went to the lavatory only to discover that it was out of service. That meant for all of the passengers on board, there was only one toilet, and I wasn’t going to subject anyone to watching and hearing me pump. I asked the flight attendant if I could use the bathroom that was out of order as all I needed to do was find a private place to sit. She refused. I sucked it up I went in to the only working lavatory and took 10 minutes to get everything done. When I came out, there was a line of about 5 people all giving me evil looks and saying things under their breath. I felt so alone and humiliated.

    When I returned to my seat, I ordered a drink from the drink cart only to spill most of it right into my crotch. I got to ride the entire way to Vegas feeling >< this big with a swampy-feeling tush. It was not a fun way to start a vacation and has been by far the most uncomfortable travel experience I've had.

    On the upside, I was able to nurse my son until he was 25 months old. I didn't let that one incident stop me!

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  259. Jean says:

    My most awkward travel moment was on a Greyhound, it was a full bus so I had to sit next to this guy I had never met. Well about 30 minutes into the ride he pulled a pillow case out from under his seat and pulled out………a snake! So I tried to squeeze myself as far away as I could for about 2 hours until I could move seats.

  260. christopher h says:

    my problem is always crying babies, i seem to atract them like a magnet

  261. Melissa says:

    DH and DDs could all use some new undies! :)

  262. Patricia Treskovich says:

    Most akward travel was on a greyhound bus in Fla., when a creature was crawling up my leg–was a small lizard!

  263. Carrie says:

    my most awkward travel moment was when we drove 24 hrs traight to florida in march – cold in the north east – warm in FL only to find our hotel room was not ready & they would not even let us put our stuff somewhere or use a rest room to freshen up so after 24 hrs in a car we went out to lunch in our pjs!

  264. Nicole gladit says:

    I have to agree with some of the other comments, screaming, loud kids are the worst

  265. mickeyfan says:

    How about the a/c going out in 100+ degree weather with 2 small kids? That was uncomfortable!

  266. Charlene says:

    The last time I was on a plane, I was sitting next to a lady holding a baby. The baby threw up & cried the entire 4 hour flight! She didn’t even say she was sorry when her daughter threw up on me :(

  267. Madeline says:

    My worst travel experience was to New York City. After we got off the train, we couldn’t find the subway, even after following all of the specific signs. I asked someone where it was and he said “it’s all around you,” which wasn’t exactly helpful.

  268. Kim Sellers says:

    ok…..so I get on the plane and realize I forgot to check thru the luggage….still sitting in car

  269. Mimi the kitten says:

    I had a terrifying bout of hypoglycemia when traveling in Washington, DC at age 13. Fortunately, my Mom was there to help revive me.

  270. Geoff K says:

    My most uncomfortable travel moment was when I was stuck in the window seat next to a husband and wife apparently in the midst of some real marital strife – they started out making snide comments and criticisms, and during the three-hour flight, their passive aggression turned out to outright accusations going back and forth. I was too afraid to say anything to either of them, so I just sat in my seat the entire time and tried to tune them out. Very awkward!

  271. Pam says:

    After a three hour delay we left Cozumel for home. We were served our dinner and all of a sudden we saw lightening and the plane literally dropped!! Everyone was frightened until the pilot came over the p.a. announced that the rodeo was over.lol

  272. kim e says:

    One time as a child, I was being video taped and stuck my tongue out on our local television station.

  273. scottsgal says:

    Worst travel experience was a major storm on a cruise – 20+ foot swells that boat was rocking!

  274. Chrysa says:

    I once had someone sit next to me on the plane and try to talk to me the whole time, even if I was reading or trying to sleep!

  275. Sheila Newton says:

    My worst travel experience was when I went to New Jersey with my hubby. It did not matter where went every single time we got lost! Also, I got a ticket and had to pay a hefty fine because I had no clue that you CANNOT pump your own gas! Horrible!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  276. Michael says:

    I was on a fully-booked flight and at the last moment this obviously intoxicated passenger was led to the seat next to mine. By the time the plane had taxied to the runway this individual had used up the vomit bags from the back of every seat in our aisle. Not long into the flight it became apparent through much of the cabin that the individual was in dire need of a new pair of Hanes – which I would have gladly given him had he not passed out! That’s the last time I have flown using that airline.

  277. Renee G says:

    The worst flight that I’ve had was a little over a year ago. Our flight had been delayed and our pilot had already rejected two planes due to some mechanical/electrical problems. I finally got on the plane about four hours later than our original departure time. It was sardine time. I had the window seat beside two individuals on their honeymoon that both should have had to pay for two seats each. To top matters off, the mom in front of me had taken her two small children to a pizza restaurant in the airport and the two girls were sick most of the flight. Boy was I glad when I got home.

  278. Julie Jones says:

    most uncomfortable travel moment was a 3 hour trip to my sisters college graduations with stomach problems!

  279. Marilyn L says:

    on a transatlantic flight,I had a naughty six year old neighbor who kept changing my channel from the movie I was watching to cartoons and the parents didn’t say a single word!

    jdmimi at gmail dot com

  280. Carla Pullum says:

    The guy next to me had the flu and the whole flight he was coughing and picking his nose! UGH!

  281. sheila k. says:

    my worst airline experience was flying from New York to Southern California following six hours in a CT and an MRI scanner for a neuroendocrine tumor examination. I started to develop the flu on the plane. Then we had an extra long layover in St. Louis because of all the tornadoes — it was the day the town in Kansas was destroyed by a twister. We had to fly super high due to all the tornado activity and my feet and hands swelled from the elevation, etc. Once I got home, it took six weeks of bed rest to recover.

  282. Carolsue says:

    My most embarrasing travel experience was a flight we took from California to Alaska (before 911 and it’s strict regulations). I had brought a glass of soda onboard with me that I had bought at McDonalds. As I was getting into my seat, I dumped the soda all over the seat in front of me. Luckily, the seat’s occupants hadn’t boarded yet so I just played dumb. This actually delayed the flight by about 15 minutes while they re-did the seat. Eek.
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  283. Michelle H. says:

    I guess my worse travel experience was when I was on a family vacation. First, I caught some sort of bug, and then I was bitten by mosquitoes and had an allergic reaction.

  284. Hazel says:

    My worst travel experience is when I went on vacation with my family to my hometown. My daughter and I decided to go shopping and I left my husband in charge of our son. I come back to find out that my son had somehow unlatched the front door of the motel and went across the parking lot to the McDonald’s next door. My husband had put our son down for a nap and believed him asleep, and fell asleep himself. The next thing he knew, the cops were knocking on the door to bring my son back. It was terrifying and I never ever want to relieve such an experience!

  285. Danielle says:

    I have bright red hair. It is natural. When I was younger I would travel to my mother’s house a few times a year. One time I had to sit next to the cutest little old lady. Little old ladies LOVE my hair. I think she spent most of the trip touching it and patting my head while she told me stories and talked about when she was a girl scout. I think I was about 15 at the time… Didnt have the heart to tell her to leave me alone. Longest hr and 15 minutes ever.

    Looking back it was actually kind of funny but at the time I wanted to run for my life.

  286. Jesslyn says:

    As a former travel agent, I have travelled extensively and flown more times than I could possibly count! But hands down my worst flying experience was when I moved from Chicago to NYC and took my cat with me – on board the flight (no animal cruelty in the luggage section!)
    Everything that could go wrong did:

    First, I couldn’t get the cat to swallow the tranquilizers the vet had provided (though he had warned me that I would need the tranquilizers more than the cat would!

    Next, the airline had somehow managed to seat me and kitty next to a very high srtung woman who also happened to be allergic to cats! That went over well.

    After an agitated and complicated seating change, I tried to settled in for a meow-filled flight and a planeful of hostile fellow travelers and THEN…

    …somehow the cat broke out of the cage/cat carrier and took off – madly dashing about the plane, under and over seats, hiding and then playing chase again! The whole place was in a a state of chaos with dozens of passengers and flight attendants trying to chase down the cat and only freaking him out even more!

    I started to panic about what would happen when we landed and if someone might be cruel and harm my precious kitty. But salvation came in the form of an eccentric elderly lady sitting in First Class:

    She pulled a small container out of her big purse and held out some cat goodies/snack and made some strange noise that she referred to as “the universal cat call” (which ws not the same sound we thought of as “the universal cat call”!) – It turned out she was German – but apparently my cat understood German and he came scampering out of nowhere, ate right out of her hand. And brushed up against her legs, purring.

    For some reason, me and kitty got to finish out the flight sitting next my savior and new friend in first class! All’s well that ends well!

  287. rebecca says:

    Making a trip to see my mom, my son had fallen asleep in the back and my daughter about 10 was up front with me. We came upon an accident that involved several horse trailers (full of horses) the first must have collided with a transfer truck and the others skidded and overturned trying to avoid the collision. There were animals and parts of animals on both lanes. A hard task for us to see so much destruction as we were waved slowly through the chaos.

  288. Helen says:

    One of the most uncomfortable situations was on a flight where we had the very last seats on the plane. Once we sat down there was no adjusting to get comfortable. Then the people in front of us decided to recline in our laps and one of them had to use the air sick bag. It was the worst plane trip we had ever had.

  289. Jennai says:

    I remember when I was a little girl, my Dad was in the Navy. He flew planes. He used to take me out to the Navy Base and bring me on the planes. I was so excited and he loved telling me all about what he did.
    HobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

  290. Karen says:

    My most uncomfortable travel experience was flying cross-country with my two small boys and having to make an unscheduled landing in Nashville because of thunderstorms, and then being stuck on the plane on the runway for 2 hours before we could continue our flight. We were then late getting into Atlanta, where we had to change planes, and it looked like we might have to spend the night because of course we’d missed our connecting flight to DC. We finally managed to get out of Atlanta on the very last flight of the night and landed in DC at 3 am. I was one very tired Mommy who was lucky that her older boy woke up enough to walk off the plane. I couldn’t have carried both of them!!

  291. Christina says:

    I’ve actually never had a bad flight (my honest reply, even though I haven’t flown that much). I’m happy to read and finally have some time to myself when I fly!

  292. Erica C. says:

    My worst moment was being on a redeye flight from California to Maryland. I have motion sickness to start, but thought I’d be able to sleep on the plane since I stayed up for a long time. I couldn’t sleep, my medicine was helping the motion sickness, and to add to that, I was at a window seat. Needless to say, I made a weird throwing up gesture in the aisle while walking to the bathroom. Several people scrunched up in their seats trying to get away from me. At least I kept it all in!

  293. Jeanne White says:

    It was 1975 and I was flying to live in Greece where my husband at that time was stationed, I brought my translation book of the language to learn on the way…but, I was sitting next to a soldier from Texas, who thought that because I was from the State of New York (upstate to be precise), and he thought, that meant I was from New York City…no matter how much I explained that upstate living in a small town was a whole different life than New York City….I swear, the ENTIRE flight was one question after another about what it like being from New York City….I kept trying to be ‘polite’, but boy! that was one UNCOMFORTABLE flight! Sure hope he got to visit New York City himself someday:)

  294. sharon says:

    recent uncomfortable moment (or moments) was when I was traveling with my toddler, who is adopted, and the man next to me chatted non stop and made many provocative comments about adoption, birth parents…I finally had to ask him to just stop…
    so annoying!

  295. Tracey Byram says:

    I love Hanes products because they are tagless so no more itchy tags.

  296. Shelley Mitchell says:

    Worst travel experience was hitting really bad turbulence on a flight!! It was awful!!

  297. Amanda A says:

    My most uncomfortable travel moment was a three hour flight I took with my then nine month old baby. He screamed almost the entire way. I really thought that he would give up and sleep eventually, but he kept it up until about thirty minutes before landing when he finally fell asleep. Everyone was so happy he was finally quiet!

  298. Nicole Greene says:

    I hate getting stuck next to people that won’t shut up and want to chat with me about nonsense when I fly :/ On a bright note–I LOVE Hanes!

  299. Wayne Macomber says:

    Basketball – maybe the best ever. Model and actor – I don’t think so

  300. Jessica says:

    I was traveling in Beijing, China and we went to eat at a restaurant with my fiance (at the time) and family and friends. When the food arrives the waitress plops a fried goose head in front of me, It was so uncomfortable because I did not want to be rude a turn it away. I just sort of picked at it so it looked like I ate it. It was awful and I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

  301. Joanne Schultz says:

    I usually bring a book to read or puzzles to do, so people don’t usually bother me much. So if they are too chatty and driving me crazy, I just tell them that I need to read and proceed to do that.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  302. pat jasmin says:

    i just read.

  303. Susan Smith says:

    I sat next to a women who kept wanting to talke while I just wanted to sleep

  304. Betty says:

    My husband loves Hanes

  305. Deborah R says:

    I was traveling from Philadelphia to DC by train once and the train car was crowded. A family of three got on at a stop after I did; mom and child sat in two adjoining seats. Her hubby sat next to me.

    It was an overnight train so it was late; the hubby apparantly fell asleep and kept putting his head on my sholder and putting his hand on my leg.

    I kept pushing his off and telling myself that he had to be asleep and so it wasn’t his fault, but I finally got fed up and told him that he had to find a way to stay awake because if he put his hand on my leg one more time I was going to have him arrested for assault and removed from the train. He stayed awake the rest of the trip.

  306. Shellie says:

    If I won, my hubby gets new underwear!

  307. Terri Lannan says:

    I haven’t had any uncomfortable travel moments but my husband did. On a flight home once he was between this very old woman with some serious health problems…she was on oxygen and wheezing the whole time…and a gentleman who removed his sandals and started picking at his scaly feet. Yuck!

  308. Shawn says:

    When my daughter was four years old, she and I flew to Florida to see my brother. She started to get sick and we didn’t have a barf bag and she ended up throwing up all over herself.


  309. s. carter says:

    I sat next to a woman who threw up all over her white pant suit then spent the rest of the flight trying to clean herself up (which just made the smell worse!)

  310. Tisa says:

    Count me in too please ~ :) THanks!

  311. Tammy says:

    Well we just flew home from Barcelona a nine hour flight, in April and had a screaming child in front of us, and a screaming child in the row next to us. Between the two of them it was nonstop crying for the 9 hours! That’s uncomfortable!

  312. barbara wright says:

    Back in the days when smokers were everywhere, I was stuck in the Atlanta airport for several hours. By the time I finally got on the plane, my head and nose were all stuffed up from the smoke, and nobody had ever warned me not to get on a plane in that condition. The landing was agony – it felt like somebody was sticking knives into my ears. I couldn’t hear for about a week after that. Apparently, I had burst all the blood vessels in my ears. I still avoid the Atlanta airport whenever possible.

  313. Happi Shopr says:

    I had to stowe my stuff in the overhead bin one flight – the guy sitting in the aisle wouldn’t stand up and let me put my stuff up so being shortish, I ended up with my crotch pretty much in his face trying to get my stuff up there. He thought it was funny – I did not in the least.

  314. Denise says:

    My most uncomfortable travel moment occurred in San Francisco. My friend and I were at a nice sushi bar. Seems my stomach couldn’t handle the slimy texture of the raw fish and ran to the bathroom and threw up- all over the place.

  315. Amy Delong says:

    travel with hubby,so i dont mind trips!


  316. Melinda says:

    One of my favorite things in the world is being comfortable, and HANES is perfect for this!

  317. joy says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! We are on such a strict budget right now, this would be a huge blessing

    mjharvey26 at yahoo dot com

  318. Blue Girl says:

    Uncomfortable travel moment for me would be on a plane when I was sitting in first class next to a 4 yr old squirmy little kid who wouldn’t sit still for 2 minutes and the mom just completely ignored him the entire way. I didn’t choose to fly first class, i was bumped due to overcrowding, but still . . . whining, crying and fussing the whole plain ride was not enjoyable for the other passengers and she could have cared less.

  319. Gianna says:

    Hanes makes the most comfortable clothes ever! I love their cotton :)

  320. barb g says:

    I won’t fly anymore too scary for me but I do love Hanes products! I’d love to win this $100 towards their great items. I’d go thru the clearance section first! barb g.

  321. barb g says:

    I subscribe to your rss feed too.

  322. chris freepartner says:

    My worst travel moment was when I argued with a ticket agent for 15 minutes about her putting the wrong destination airport on my luggage. She assured me that it was going to the right place and wouldn’t even look at it, needless to say my bag ended up 3 states away and I was without clothes for long enough that I had to buy some!

  323. MaryEllen says:

    Would love to win this!

  324. Jenn says:

    My all time favorite Michael Jordan/Hanes commercial is where the two woman are trying to guess if men are wearing boxers or briefs! I loved his facial expressions and comment back to the ladies something like “it doesn’t really matter” or “don’t go there!”

  325. Pinkerbell says:

    Uncomfortable travel moment for me?
    On a bus, with CHICKENS, in Italy!

    Their beady eyes are scary, at best,
    and a chicken seat partner is just a PEST!

  326. DanV says:

    My travel moment was when my son got sick all over me as our plane was landing

  327. Karen Gonyea says:

    I don’t travel alot, but when I do, I make sure I have plenty of reading material so I don’t get bored.

  328. Sharon Nelson says:

    My seat was taken by a very obese man. In fact, he had my seat and his.

  329. Sarah Z says:

    We went to Mexico and my last day I started to not feel well – not fun traveling on a plane when you never know when you need to go!

  330. Angela Winesburg says:

    I sat next to a huge sweaty guy that could have easily weighed 3 times more than me, half of his body was on my lap! Needless to say, that was an uncomfortable flight!

  331. Carly says:

    Traveling while sick definitely isn’t fun

  332. Laura Benjamin says:

    We were traveling by bus from South Carolina to Maine to stay with my parents until my husband returned from overseas with the military. My sons were 5 and 9 and I admit I was a little afraid. One man in the back kept drinking beer and the bottles kept rolling under my feet. I pulled my feet up and held on to my sons. Then we ended up with a 3 hour layover in New York City. I asked where the rest rooms were and a man said “over there, but no use in going cause somebody stole all the toilets” I was still hanging in there till a man with a robe and a rope for a belt decided to sit next to me and until it was time to get back on the bus, would not stop telling me how I need to get religion in my life. I think I cried from New York to Maine!

  333. Veronica Garrett says:

    I’d love to win. I love Hanes.

  334. R Hicks says:

    My most uncomfortable travel moment was on a trip to NY. I had a chatty person setting next to me and they would not shut up. I never got to read but a few pages at most. Some people can’t take a blatant hint.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  335. Sand says:

    When I was little and traveling with my family, I got sick on the plane.

  336. steven lewis says:

    My first-time flying, I flew from Windsor Ontario to Nassau, Bahamas. It was just below freezing in Windsor and we hit turbulence while in the air. The Captain told the Flight Attendants to give the drinks away.. Unfortunately the amount I consumed was not good for the 90 degree weather in the Bahamas and I never got the license plate number of the truck that hit me upon disembarking the aircraft~

  337. P Tapp says:

    We were flying from Martha’s Vineyard to Boston in a 4 seater when we started flying in circles for about 30 minutes. We very low – right over the water looking for a “buddy” of the pilots that apparently went down in the water and we became the search and rescue team. Finally made it to Boston (never found the plane), albeit late, but didn’t want to fly for a while not to mention there was no door on the plane and we all had to climb in the window to get in the plane and had to put our feet on our suitcases because there was zero room in the plane.

  338. Mike says:

    Most uncomfortable travel moment for me was the scariest. Flying from Denver Colorado to Albuquerque, NM on a twin engine prop. The weather was bad and would rather walk than take a flight like that again. Was a beautiful view flying over the mountains but when plane drops suddenly due to turbulance and this continues throughout flight, leaving your stomach mid air and one step away from losing something.

    That was one trip where a fresh pair of Hanes would have been beneficial.

  339. heather c says:

    Time to buy some summer clothes for the kinder! Thanks for the chance!

  340. Jay F. says:

    I remember sitting on a train that was delayed by an hour by snow, and the train was delayed another 2 hours one stop from where my Mom was waiting to pick me up. And no cell phone!

  341. Robert says:

    Why is an actor allowed to put his foot in the face (isle seat of a passenger plane) of the greatest basketball player in the history of the game? This ad is a negative for me. I won’t buy your product.

  342. Yo guys… thanks, but why the hell does this underwear seem to be red??

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