The Haberman Nipple Bottle for my Six Week Early Surprise


My how life changed with the arrival of my daughter six weeks early. We were introduced to the NICU, Preemie sized clothes, body temperature monitoring, the difference between preterm and full term breast milk, special formula and the list goes on. One thing we were not at all prepared for was the discovery of our […]

Belly Bandit Post Pregnancy Wrap

Check out this product for the new mommy hoping to look sleek again! From reasons spiritual to medicinal to plain-old-vanity, stomach binding has been around as long as the Buddha. A favorite among celebrity Mommies, the Belly Bandit is a breathable and comfy abdominal wrap exclusively designed for new mommy’s to get their bellies back […]

The perfect post labor gift for a new Mom

I’ve posted on Earth Mama Angel Baby before – and they are high on my radar right now as II know about 4 people who either just delivered or are about to any day. And yes, just under 15 months ago, I did receive this Labor Recovery Gift from a close friend in Texas who […]