b Toys Woofer Guitar

Do your kids heart making music? What toddler or kid doesn’t right? I promise you’ll heart this toy guitar from ClassyMommy favorite b.Toys – the Woofer. Only $19.99 at Target too this instrument does it all and is lightweight too. You can strum it, play chords, press buttons, and even use it as a sing […]

Kindle Fire Tech Gift from Staples

Who knew Staples would be such a hot bed for holiday gifts? And during the hectic holiday season when avoiding Malls is my strategy, hitting Staples is so convenient and ideal for any and all tech gifts. I just tackled Staples on a busy Friday lunch hour to use a $200 gift card they gave […]

Lala Loopsy Anchors Doll Bonus

We were super excited to hear about all the toy deals at BJ’s – extra special bonus packages at the super duper prices all the BJ’s members and fans rave about. BJ’s sent us this LaLaLoopsy exclusive to take a peek at – LalaLoopsy Marina Anchors large size doll that came complete with a Mini […]

Steiff Stuffed Animals

It’s a Steiff. Steiff simply creates the finest and most luxurious stuffed animals around. Handmade in Germany – as they have been for over a century, these stuffed critters are collectibles that make for a gift today that will be a keepsake forever. As a little girl I can remember being gifted Steiff bears over […]

All in Good Time

I’m so excited that my very good friends Tara from DealSeekingMom.com and Mandi from LifeYourWay.net have just published their book – All In Good Time: When to Save, Stock Up, and Schedule Everything in Your LIfe. This book is a handy how to guide that is wonderful for Moms or any new young adult in […]

Zagat New York City Weekend Edition

I love Zagat’s for restaurant recommendations and this New York City Weekend Edition is a super gift or stocking stuffer for anyone that frequents NYC on business or pleasure. It comes as a set of 3 mini books to recommend dinner & drink favorites, brunch top spots, and shopping advice. Advice like this is invaluable […]

Playskool Marvel Super Hero Adventure Sets

Yeah! Finally, super hero toys that are hip, cool and age appropriate for preschoolers. I’m beyond impressed with the the new line of Playskool Marvel Super Hero Adventure Sets now available. Kyle just got the Spidey & Hulk Hovercraft vehicle for his birthday yesterday and he ADORES it. This hip sweet ride easily converts into […]

Bop It XT

Calling adults & older kids – If you’ve never played the wacky and somewhat addictive Bop It! game, you need to definitely add this to your Christmas list. What’s especially fun about this toy is that you can basically totally play against yourself, so you don’t need a large group to have a fun – […]

Little Capers Big Capes


We reviewed the original Litter Capers Super Hero shirts last year when Kenzie was 18 months old. This magnificent product brought tons of imaginary play and excitement – what kid doesn’t love a cape? Now, they’ve launched Big Capes which are all Cape – 31 inches long! Boy and girl colorways in shimmery material with […]

Crane and Co Children’s Animal Stationary

Crane & Co. has the most classy stationery and now your kiddies can use their fine paper for sweet thank you notes too. Their animal collage style collection is fun for the kiddies – frogs, butterflies, turtles, pandas and more. We’re always getting little surprises for the Kenzie and Kyle from our relatives and we […]