Crane and Co Children’s Animal Stationary

Crane & Co. has the most classy stationery and now your kiddies can use their fine paper for sweet thank you notes too. Their animal collage style collection is fun for the kiddies – frogs, butterflies, turtles, pandas and more. We’re always getting little surprises for the Kenzie and Kyle from our relatives and we […]

RuffleButts Bloomers

We’re loving these flirty, frilly, and totally girly ruffled bloomers from RuffleButts. Perfect for crawling babies, toddlers or pre-schoolers in sundresses. The perfect new baby gift as the little ones can wear them over a diaper and you could even use them as panties years later when your baby is a potty trained preschooler! Kenzie […]

Valentine’s Day Haul

So  much fun! The kid and I did a Valentine’s Day Haul to see how we could stretch $25 at Walmart.  Check out all our goodies that we found to create gift bags and treats to all their classmates at preschool. Kenzie and Kyle had so much fun shopping with me for this haul and […]

Food Haul

Take a peek at this food haul! I’ll be donating all this to the in store food drive at my local Walmart. Walmart has committed to spending $2 Billion dollars to fight through the year 2015. Right now, they are having an in-store food drive for the holidays until November 22nd, 2010 to make it […]

HE Washer Advice

Wonder how to prevent that gunky smell in  your High Efficiency Washer or how to best take care of your new HE machine? Yes it can smell NASTY can’t it? Like leave the room gross. So how can you prevent that stink? Here’s my advice video which I made for the Wisk Laundry Line blog. […]

Frigidaire HE Washer Dryer Video Tour

Take a peek inside our HE washer dryer and pedestals to get a feel for these Frigidaire high efficiency units. I am in love with doing laundry now. Seriously, somehow these new machines just make it more fun and I seem to be far more motivated to doing my laundry. Especially as you can see […]

Frigidaire Friday: High Efficiency Washer Dryer

Delivery Day! Last Friday started the new laundry room makeover. I’m ultra excited to get up and running on new HE front load washer & dry machines from Frigidaire. Looks like I’ll need to do some painting in my laundry room to get these stunning blue machines to match with my existing (no joke!) green […]

Frigidaire Friday: How to Clean a Glass Cook Top

Ever wonder how to clean a ceramic cook top or glass cook top? Here’s the answer! I’m no domestic diva, so with my new Frigidaire cook top I’m becoming an expert at cleaning up burns on my gorgeous new ceramic cook top Tip:  Most important info to remember – you can’t use your regular cleaning […]

The perfect post labor gift for a new Mom

I’ve posted on Earth Mama Angel Baby before – and they are high on my radar right now as II know about 4 people who either just delivered or are about to any day. And yes, just under 15 months ago, I did receive this Labor Recovery Gift from a close friend in Texas who […]