Roominate RV Giveaway

If your girls love to build and putting their STEM skills to work, then they will love discovering the world of Roominate.

We’re giving away the Roominate RV to one lucky reader this holiday season!   We first reviewed Roominate last year when they launched and they’ve continued to introduce new awesome products to keep girls imaginations going and their hands and minds building. New products this season include the Roominate Townhouse and the Roominate RV. And yes, kids can get creative when they build within sets or even combining all the bits and pieces from various sets. Hooray!

Roominate RV


Roominate RV Giveaway Entry Details

1 winner will be selected. Eligibility is for US residents and US valid addresses only.

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Note: Thanks to Roominate for sending us samples to review and fulfilling our giveaway. As always, all thought and opinions are our own. 

Roominate RV Official Product details

Roominate™ RV makes it easy for girls to venture out on a Roominate road trip! Girls can design their ideal ‘house on wheels’ using included building pieces. Whether they create an RV with a sunroof or turn their vehicle into a trendy food truck, there are many creative possibilities with Roominate RV, which is compatible with rPower so girls can drive their RV using theRoominate app from a phone or tablet. Included in this 88-piece set are 1 RV chassis, 2 RV sides, 40 furniture building pieces, 24 connectors, 8 wheels, 2 axles, 4 axle holders, 2 motors, 2 battery packs, 1 screwdriver, 1 sheet of stickers, and 1 doll. Requires 4 AAA batteries, not included.

Roominate Townhouse Official Product Details

image001 (1)

Girls can bring their architectural dreams to life with Roominate™ Townhouse! Using the included circuits and modular pieces, girls can construct a customized, cozy townhouse for their Roominate dolls by creating a working doorbell, spinning fan, elevator, or whatever their imaginations can dream up.Roominate Townhouse is compatible with rPower so girls can control their moving creations using the Roominate app from a phone or tablet. Included in this 121-piece set are 4 pluggable wall/floor panels, 52 furniture building pieces, 40 connectors, 12 columns, 2 wheels, 2 axles, 1 motor, 1 battery pack, 1 screwdriver, 3 sheets of stickers, 1 sheet of wallpapers, and 1 doll and pet. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.

About Colleen Padilla

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