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Do you know any young girls doing AMAZING, INSPIRING, and RAD projects?  Hulu is celebrating the launch of The Powerpuff Girls on their network by highlighting amazing girls across the country!  You can share the scoop on the inspiring girls you know on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter as part of the #RealLifePowerpuff program here. Share Inspiring #RealLifePowerpuff Girls online on social media. It’s easy to participate – simply tag your photos with #RealLifePowerPuff and #Contest. Now, all classic episodes of The Powerpuff Girls are available to stream almost anywhere, on any device thanks to Hulu.

My own little girl inspires me everyday. Kenzie just turned 11 and struggles with her health as she has an immune disorder that causes her to frequently get infections. She’s so determined with her competitive swimming and never lets frequent setbacks, her smaller size, or illnesses slow her down. It’s frustrating, but she seems to handle it all with grace and no complaints.  I’m always amazed at how she balances school, her dedication to sports, and these health issues that sometimes feel never ending to this tired Mom!

kenzie fly states

Kids today seem so much more involved today than when I was growing up – don’t you think? With everything they do from volunteering at local food banks, running YouTube channels, and participating in all kinds of travel sports or STEM activities.

Share Inspiring #RealLifePowerpuff Girls On Social Media

So many #RealLifePowerpuff girls are doing incredible things – inspiring others in everything from science to sports to amazing volunteer projects contributing to their own communities and making the world a better place.  Do you have an awesome, inspiring young girl in your life? If so, please share your #RealLifePowerpuff girl by posting a photo or video of them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter . It’s super easy to participate – just upload those photos and tag it with #RealLifePowerpuff and #Contest. Don’t forget to include what makes her awesome and they might get shared and enter you to win a special PPG prize! Visit the official website for more information.


#RealLifePowerpuff Video

Powerpuff Girls Hulu Giveaway Entry Details

We’re celebrating The Powerpuff Girls new home on Hulu with a giveaway! All classic episodes are now available to stream almost anywhere, on any device.

One (1) winner receives a 6-month Hulu gift code.

The code is redeemable in the US and does not expire.


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Official Scoop About THE POWERPUFF GIRLS

The Powerpuff Girls centers on three sugar-coated superheroes, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, whose missions in life alternate between going to school, fighting crime, winning at hopscotch and saving the world before bedtime. The girls are frequently called upon by the town’s mayor to help fight nearby criminals using their powers. While their differences cause them to squabble and tease, their individual strengths combined always lead them to victory. They rely on teamwork, trust, and friendship to thwart evil (in the most adorable way).

The Powerpuff Girls are now available to stream on Hulu.Visit to start your free trial.


About Colleen Padilla

Colleen Padilla, the founder and editor of lives in the Philly suburbs and is a full time mom for her 2 children, Mackenzie (7) and Kyle (5). Colleen and the Classy Mommy website have been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, The New York Post, local Philadelphia ABC, CBS, and NBC programs. Colleen has appeared in a TV special about Alpha Moms on South Korea’s NBC affiliate SBS. She also co-authored The Digital Mom Handbook (HarperCollins).


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