Spiderman Crocs

Crocs. For Kyle, a toddler who loves the outdoors, these spiderman crocs signify his escape to freedom. For Mom, these Crocs are like my new best friend because I finally found a pair of shoes ultra easy to slip on my 18 month old’s wiggling body in all of 5 seconds. We first discovered Crocs […]

Pediped Flex Sneakers and Sandals

Classy Mommy has been a fan of Pediped for years. I always loved their original soft soled shoes and whimsical designs, but when they introduced their line of Flex products a few years ago for our little running toddlers and preschoolers they won me over forever. This spring brings some gorgeous sandals for girls to […]

Robeez Moose Boots

Can you stand how cute Robeez designs have become since the company became a brand owned by Stride Rite? Truly, these shoes are enough to really get that biological clock start ticking or make you consider baby # 3 just for the chance to adorn your own bundle with these stinking cute booties and shoes. […]

Crocs Chameleons

Kids love anything that changes colors and these new Crocs are no exception. Called the Crocs Chameleons, these are limited edition Crocs that are literally color shifting shoes. Step out into the sunshine and your shoes change color. Kenzie’s go from pink to purple and Kyle’s shift from a yellow looking color to bright lime.Otherwise, […]

Crocs Fuzzy Boots

Total luxury! Fashion and function meet perfectly in these Crocs Fuzzy Booties. These boots are the most comfy shoes I think I’ve ever owned and they are certainly the warmest. It’s like walking around in giant slippers. I own the brownish espresso pair but they are also available in cream. At only $99, these boots […]

Sears Kids Svetlana Boots

We are beyond impressed with these Sears Svetlana boots we were sent for Kenzie, age 6, to “field test” for the winter weather. These boots are stylish, ultra comfy, durable, and most importantly warm. They look fabulous with Leggings, Jeggings, and with sweater dresses or mini skirts. Kenzie has been wearing them to school daily […]