Happy 9th Birthday to Kyle! 


Nine years of smiles with this little guy! Happy 9th Birthday to Kyle. We celebrated his December birthday with a swim meet and then a fun party that was Harry Potter themed complete with magical spells and Fantastic Beasts — including a Boa, Skunk, giant Corn Snake, lizards and more in our house! ACK!  We […]

Cupcake Face!

The birthday girl and her brother were thrilled that they finally were allowed to lick the batter and enjoy their “chocolate popsicles,” aka licking the mixer.  (No worries, this was egg free batter from the CherryBrook box mix – a total savior for us allergy families)

Happy 5th Birthday!

Here’s my little angel on her 1st day……..Hard to believe 5 years have passed. And here we are last night baking cupcakes for her special day. Both kids tackling the mixer for the 1st time!