Holiday Book Idea for Kids: I Even Funnier by James Patterson #IEvenFunnier

I Even Funnier Book Cover

My 8 year old Kenzie has been DEVOURING James Patterson’s Middle School “I Funnier” series. I’m a giant James Patterson fan and love that he’s expanded his writing to include those for children and young adults so more people can experience his genius. James Patterson’s latest book, I Even Funnier, was just released on December […]

6 Books to Read before the First Day of Kindergarten

The 1st day of school. What a milestone. I can barely believe that my oldest child, Kenzie will start Kindergarten on Monday. Impossible to believe that just 6 years ago I was super pregnant with her and awaiting the arrival of a baby girl and the start of my parenting adventure. Kenzie is thrilled about […]

Q&A with Ally Carter, author of the Gallagher Girls

Q&A with Ally Carter Author of the Gallagher Girls Series and the recently released Only the Good Spy Young. 1)      What are your thoughts on the literary heroines that the current youth generation is being exposed to? Do you think the most popular fiction series of today offer young girls positive female role models? It […]