Olympics Themed Party Ideas #FindYourHealthy


Who else has Olympic fever right now??? With my active and athletic family of competitive swimmers and runners, we are basically obsessed watching the Olympics. This week is all about swimming and next week will be all running!  This is the perfect time for a viewing party with your family, friends, and teammates! Check out […]

CVS Goes Digital and Says Farewell to LONG Receipts #ReceiptYouLater #CVS @CVS_Extra

CVS Goes Digital and Says Farewell to LONG Receipts

Hooray! Time to say goodbye to the never ending CVS receipt! You know I love shopping at CVS so I’m very excited about their move to DIGITAL RECEIPTS! This will totally help me to keep track of my rewards, coupons, and GASP! maintain a cleaner purse now that they are saying BYE BYE to all […]

The Joy of Running to #FindYourHealthy & $100 CVS Gift card #CVS #Giveaway


How do you find your healthy?? In our family, running is definitely a way we connect with our bodies to find our healthy! I’ve partnered with CVS to talk about how my family and I like to find our healthy. From age 8 to age 41, all of us find so much joy in the run. […]

Delicious Chewable Probiotics for Kids from CVS #FindYourHealthy


Are you a believer in Probiotics? With the health problems that Kenzie has been battling with her asthma, so many real life and online friends have recommended probiotics to us. Probiotics are known to help boost immunity and gut health. With the copious amounts of antibiotics Kenzie has to take due to her frequent chest […]

My New Anytime Salty Treat Baked Rice Crisps from #CVSAbound #Snackurday

gluten free rice crisps cvs

Yum! I love salty snacks and these new gluten free Baked Rice Crisps from CVS’s new ABOUND line are my new “go to” salty treat. And for a salty side, these rice crisps are healthy compared to potato chips so I love making this healthier swap that is cholesterol free and low in saturated fat. […]

Loving Nuance by Salma Hayek and $50 CVS Gift Card giveaways

nuance anti aging

Thanks to Nuance and CVS, we’re giving away $50 gift cards for CVS to 2 lucky winners. Entry details below! I heart the new Nuance by Salma Hayek line of beauty products sold exclusively at CVS. Last week I had a fun beauty party with my neighborhood book club girlfriends and everyone was thrilled to […]

Getting our Holiday Glow with Nuance by Salma Hayek Beauty Products

Nuance nail polish

There is no better time to sparkle and shine than during the festive holiday season between Christmas and New Year. I was super excited to share beauty goodies with my closest girlfriends from Salma Hayek’s exclusive beauty product line sold at CVS. Gift bags galore for everyone plus lots of sampling. CVS was so generous […]

Free CVS Money – Extra Care Rewards double!


Do you love free money?  Who doesn’t? That’s why I heart CVS’s super easy to use Extra Care Rewards program where I earn all those free ExtraBucks while I’m shopping. I actually earn back REAL dollars and cents when I shop at CVS – and I can spend these dollars at CVS to buy whatever […]

Why Bloggers Love CVS

audrey vera colleen

Last weekend in NYC at BlogHer, I was so excited to be able to work with CVS. When it comes to working with Bloggers and Social Media, CVS is one of those brands that really “get it”. Whenever I tell anyone I work with CVS, they have such great things to say. During my trip, […]