Disney D-Lightful Living: Growing Stronger #Giveaway

Banish those boo-boo blues! I know every Mom spends lots of time trying to make those tears disappear from all the bumps and bruises that come hand in hand with childhood. I can’t believe it is Week 11 of our weekly healthy living challenges! This Fall has flown by and Thanksgiving is this week! Nuts! […]

Disney Healthy Living Challenge: Age Appropriate Beauty & #Giveaway

Another week, another challenge, and another giveaway! This time it’s all about beauty – and yes my kids – both Kenzie and Kyle – love to toy around with my make up.  Plus they love to watch me apply it and request little sampling for themselves – drops of lotion or a touch of of […]

Disney Living Week 8: Happy Healthy Halloween #Giveaway

Treating kids to an exciting Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary prospect for parents….but I admit this year I’m kind of terrified about the candy after poor Kyle’s cavity diagnosis – 3 years old and 8 cavities – horrifying for sure and the thought of adding Halloween to his mouth a week after this […]

Disney Healthy Living: The Cold and Flu Fight

Win it!  This week we’re giving away all the goodies from Disney Healthy Living Week 7  Challenge that we’ve been using to help us in our fight against colds and the flu. Enter to win by leaving a comment below telling me how you fight off colds and the flu – or how you make […]

Disney D-Lightful Living: Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Time for the Week 5 Challenge from Disney Healthy Living to encourage us to be more healthy. Be sure to join the fun with your family by downloading this free Disney Healthy Living check list here. It’s fabulous! And I’m now using it with my kids. It’s always tricky getting kids to eat fruits and […]

Disney D-Lightful Living: Taking Care of Your Chompers

It’s time for the Week 4 Disney D-Lightful Living healthy challenge. It’s all about taking care of your teeth. Do your kids like to brush their teeth? Mine adore it at bedtime as I’ve made it a part of their routine since their earliest memories. Sadly, somehow I guess I had a total mom fail […]

Disney D-Lightful Living: Healthy Snacking for Back to School

Time for this week’s challenge with Disney D-Lightful Living. It’s all about healthy snacking and making healthier lunches for our kids. How do you do it? I love convenience – prepackaged & chopped fruits, dry fruit, drinkable yogurt, and goodies like pretzels and graham crackers to fill out the meal. Every week join Disney D-Lightful Living […]