Halloween Book: Switchcrafted The Story of The Switch Witches of Halloween and 20% Coupon Code for Switchcrafted

Switchcrafted Kit Halloween book switch witches trade candy for a toy

If your kids are like mine, they are going to go wild for this magical Switch Witch who apparently has the crafty ability to swap out your child’s Halloween candy for a toy. Check out this new book, Switchcrafted The Story of The Switch Witches of Halloween. The kids better behave in October as the Switch Witches […]

Inexpensive and Super Cute Hermione Granger Costume Ideas

Hermione Granger Costume Ideas for Harry Potter Fans including a Gryffindor Headband and Crookshanks

Do you or your kids love Harry Potter and Hermione Granger? Here’s some inspiration to help you create a fabulous Hermione Granger or Harry Potter costume. We’ve got inexpensive and super cute Hermione Granger Costume Ideas below that my daughter Kenzie used last year and will be using again this year. We’re adding Crookshanks the […]

Halloween Fun with Over 80 Disney Pumpkin Carving Templates and Stencils

80 disney pumpkin carving templates and stencils

Happy Halloween! For all my Disneyphile pals, you’ll LOVE this list of over 80 disney pumpkin carving templates and stencils. Check out our list of spooky Disney Pumpkin Carving templates so you can carve out Halloween magic in the shape of Mike Wazowski, Mary Poppins, Cinderella, Disney Villains and FROZEN inspired shapes. Over 80 Disney Pumpkin […]

Must Do Disney: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Photos and Fun

Magic Kingdom at Halloween

Pumpkins galore! Here’s the inside scoop on Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Photos and Fun. If your a Disney fan, add visiting the Disney parks in September through October to your must do vacation bucket list so you can experience the Magic Kingdom during the Halloween season. My Disney Kids loved their 1st ever Halloween […]

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from Hermione and Captain Jack Sparrow

Spooky Meals & Halloween Costume Inspiration from Campbell’s @TheWisestKid #AskWisestKid

Worm Soup with Bat Wings Recipe

With 2 days away until Halloween, it’s definitely time to finalize that costume! Looks like my Kenzie and Kyle have it figured out. Kenzie is opting for the very wise Hermione of Harry Potter fame while Kyle is most likely dressing as Captain Jack Sparrow. Although he’s had a few other awesome possibilities from costumes […]

Skeleton Q-Tip Craft for Halloween

Skeleton Qtip Halloween Crafts

This craft is so simple and ridiculously easy, even the least crafty of us Mamas can guide our children through the spooky creation of a Skeleton made out of Q-Tips. All you need is glue, construction paper and Q-Tips. If your a Homeroom Mom in need of a simple activity for preschoolers through elementary aged […]

Monsters University Mike Wazowski Pumpkin Carving Template

Monsters University Mike Wazowski Pumpkin Carving Template

Love this! If you need creative pumpkin carving templates and patterns, here is an inspiration from the gang at Monsters University. You can download and print this Monsters University Mike Wazowski Pumpkin Carving Template pattern below. Just cut it out and tape it to your pumpkin and go to town with a carving kit. The pumpkin […]

Halloween Spot It Game

Halloween Spot It!

Win it! We’re obsessed with the Spot It! game series and love that they’ve introduced a Halloween Spot It Game version. Read on for our Halloween Spot It! Review and Giveaway. Spot It! offers up fast moving games that are great for parties and any group of 2 or more friends. Different boxes have various […]

Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns for the Smurfs

Smurfs Pumpkin Carving Pattern

It’s almost Halloween! Are you ready for some creative pumpkin carving? We’ve got some free printable templates for smurftastic pumpkins. Download and print these Free Smurfs Pumpkin Carving Patterns for Brainy and Smurfette. What a cute idea! Literally just click on this link to see your free printable version that you can print and tape […]