Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer

I’m obsessed with this Exergen Temporal Artery thermometer! I first got one for my daughter when she was about 6 months old and I’ve now begun to use it on Kyle who is almost 8 months. I’m a worry wart kidn of Mom who is a bit of a hypochrondriac in the sense I fear […]

Fancy Nancy Dress Up Clothes

Fancy Nancy Role play outfits and accessories are finally here. Pair these Fancy Nancy Dress Up Clothes with the cute stories and it looks like Fancy Nancy might just begin to rival Disney Princess! Kenzie loves Fancy Nancy! We also own the crown and love that too! For more information, click here. Price: $25

Thomas and Friends Pirates Cove Wooden Railway Set

This Pirates Cove themed train set from Learning Curve is just one more reason to love the classic Thomas & Friends railway systems. Think Pirate shipwrecks, secret caves, a treasure tunnel, and Skull Mountain. Classy Mommy digs the trendy Pirate spin on the choo choo favorite for both Parents and the pre-school set. For more […]

Tooth Tunes

Mackenzie loves her Tooth Tunes toothbrush which sings Hakuna Matata from the Lion King while she brushes! She knows to stop when the song ends – each brush plays for 1 minute. This innovative toothbrush makes scrubbing your teeth more fun while teaching the the little ones just how long to brush those chompers. Other […]

LeapFrog Tag Reading System

Wow. Make that a double Wow. The new Leapfrog Tag Reading system is incredible. Truly unbelievable. Much to our total surprise, Leapfrog sent the starter Tag "touch reading system" to us last week. The Leapfrog Tag, geared for children ages 4-9 is totally appropriate for our Mackenzie, a very verbal preschooler at almost age 3. […]

Imagination Movers Juice Box Heroes

We love the Imagination Movers! When the kids are not in the car – I’m honestly listening to the CD! If the stars align for these folks, and it looks like they are with a TV show that just hit on September 6th, I think this band is the next Wiggles type phenomenon. The song […]

Dorothy Costume from Wizard of Oz for Halloween

Halloween is a few weeks away and we’ve still not settled on a costume for Kenzie – but this Dorothy costume is in the running. Kenzie has been infatuated with Dorothy, Toto, and the entire Wizard of Oz lore for the past year. She’ll love the ruby red slippers and carrying around a basket with […]

Jingles Book and Elf Set

Parents looking to bring excitement and wonder to their children’s holiday season will be thrilled to learn of this new interactive book titled “Jingles”. “Jingles” is a charming story of a jolly little elf that magically appears on the first day of December, to embark upon a delightful hide and seek adventure. Karen Spaulding, a […]

Personalized Toddler Sized Apron and Potholder Set

Classy Mommy is crazy for the Personalized Aprons from the Diaper Bag Wrangler Company – a mom owned and operated indie craft biz. These adorable aprons come with a potholder and are sized just right for toddlers and kids. Reversible and machine washable too – so don’t worry about them getting down and dirty on […]

Kaloo Naturel Organic Stuffed Toys

I’ve always been a fan of Kaloo, a celeb favorite as well, so I was thrilled when they announced Kaloo Naturel. These beautiful plushes are now made of 100% organic fibers and are still machine washable! If your child is like mine, it goes everywhere and having the convenience of machine washing and drying without […]