Happy 9th Birthday to Kyle! 


Nine years of smiles with this little guy! Happy 9th Birthday to Kyle. We celebrated his December birthday with a swim meet and then a fun party that was Harry Potter themed complete with magical spells and Fantastic Beasts — including a Boa, Skunk, giant Corn Snake, lizards and more in our house! ACK!  We […]

Where does time go? Happy 5th Birthday Kyle!


Hard to believe my baby boy is turning 5 today. Look how grown up he is now. Feels like just yesterday I was holding him for the very first time. Always fun looking at the baby pics and showing the kids their “birth” day photos. We got a real kick out of these videos and […]

Rock Climbing for Preschoolers!


Who knew rock climbing for kids would be so fun? Today, Kyle went to a Rock Climbing party to celebrate his friend Elsa’s 5th Birthday. I admit I was skeptical of the concept but it was crazy awesome and so much fun! The kids adored it – they are natural monkeys after all so this […]

A winning night at the Dogwood Festival


There’s nothing like a local summer fair. We hopped over to Phoenxiville’s annual Dogwood Festival on Thursday evening for a fun night out with the kids. The excitement of the crowds and the transformation of our ordinary park into a giant carnival atmosphere was thrilling for my kids. The expressions of pure joy on my […]

Mother’s Day Tea


I live for these moments. Mother’s Day Tea is just the cutest thing of the year at our preschool. This age is so adorable I want to bottle it up and keep it with me forever – especially someday when I’m all old and alone – I’ll be able to remember and return to that […]

Video: 4 year old Kyle is riding a 2 wheeler


How do you teach your kids to ride a bike? Apparently the easiest way is to not teach them at all! This weekend with little Kyle it seemed he picked it up almost all by himself. Awesome! Amazing how what can be so easy for one child is difficult for another. We popped off his […]

Channeling Harry Potter

harry potter2

I said the kids were obsessed with Potter and I meant it. Take a peek at Kyle sporting his scar & home-made glasses. Doesn’t he look like Harry Potter? He has also now requested to start wearing a tie which looks totally adorable. He wants to buy the official “Harry Potter” tie when we visit […]

My Boy Has Spikes!


Finally! I’ve been waiting for the cute boy hairstyle for years – and looks like the little guy (and his hair!) are ready for Spikes. Mission accomplished yesterday at Snip-Its. With the help of some spiky sticky gel We caught Kyle last night quickly glance at himself in the mirror – pause, and then look […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Merry! Are you exhausted? Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I’m exhausted but at the same time totally exhilerated by all the excitement and happiness. Can’t wait for 2012 and more new adventures! After a fabulous and non stop week of entertaining out of town guests, hosting parties for friends and family, and volunteering […]

Riding in a Fire Truck – Totally the Best Birthday Party Ever!


Did you know that your local Fire Engine Volunteers will likely come to your house – with the Fire Truck -for a birthday party? Simply incredible. And every little boy’s dream. I’m pretty sure this was the best gift we could ever give to my son Kyle for his 4th birthday and truly it was […]