Rapunzel Wedding Costume Collection

Rapunzel Wedding Costume

Tangled Ever After! Calling all Rapunzel fans. I’m adoring this Rapunzel costume as it’s elegant, royal looking and offers a fresh look from the classic traditional Disney Princess costumes that I’m accustomed to seeing little girls wear. There’s now another extra cute dress-up option for your little girls who love Rapunzel. The Disney Store recently […]

A Fairy Tale Day with Rapunzel

Really. Today was a fairy tale. A day I’ll remember forever. Mix London with perfect sunny warm weather and top it off with a free Disney Princess procession – complete with horse drawn carriages – attended by thousands of people . And let’s not forget the biggest event of the day – the crowning of […]

Day 1 in London Highlights

I’ve arrived! With only about 2 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours, the adrenaline of being in London for Disney’s Rapunzel celebration is keeping me running. Today I relished the sights – as I saw the grand changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, went for a run in Hyde Park, ran around […]

Rapunzel & Classy Mommy visit Big Ben!

The soon to be official Disney Princess beat me once again to another hot spot in London. Rapunzel admires one of the world’s most famous clocks, Big Ben, as her sightseeing adventures come to an end. And yes, I had my moment today with Big Ben too as you can see below! Big Ben is VERY […]

Rapunzel hangs out at Trafalgar Square

SEPTEMBER 29: Rapunzel enjoys the view of Trafalgar Square and poses for a photo in front of Nelson’s Column. Disney will officially welcome Rapunzel as the 10th Disney Princess character at a celebration at Kensington Palace, to take place in front of a global audience on October 2, 2011.To tweet this photo include #RapunzelCelebration in […]

Rapunzel is sightseeing by the Thames in London

Looks like Rapunzel is hitting all the gorgeous spots in London – here she is taking a break to admire the Tower Bridge. Isn’t this shot beautiful? I love seeing her out and about in London. Wonder where she’ll show up tomorrow? Follow the hashtag #RapunzelCelebration to keep up with her & hear all about […]

Rapunzel Hits Covent Garden Today

Looks like Rapunzel is keeping busy while in London. Today she hit the market – with her hair in tow.  Glad she could fit in a special stop at Covent Garden to see the rich cultural offerings of London’s popular marketplace.  Hope I have time to visit there too! Wonder where she’ll visit tomorrow? Hmmmm. […]

Rapunzel’s Hair Spotted in London!

Looks like the dazzling Disney Princess beat me to London! Her hair has been spotted – what looks like about 70 feet of it – coming out of a window at the Tower of London. Love it! Rapunzel will be visiting landmarks in London starting today at the Tower of London and ending on Friday […]

I’m Off to Welcome Rapunzel to the Disney Princess royal court

London here I come! This time next week, Rapunzel will be officially welcomed into the Disney Princess Royal Court in London at a worldwide star-studded celebration. I’m so excited to announce that I’ve received my own official royal invite to Kensington Palace to attend Rapunzel’s big party. I can barely contain myself and honestly I […]

Disney will Honor Rapunzel to Disney Princess Royal Court

Big Disney Princess news! Disney will officially welcome Rapunzel as the 10th Disney Princess character at a high profile, star-studded celebration, to take place in front of a global audience on October 2, 2011. Even cooler? This special coronation and celebration of Miss Rapunzel will take place at  Kensington Palace in London.  I find this […]