Kenzie & Kyle hit the Celebrity Magazines

Picking beets with Jennifer Garner last week earned the kids some hot press in the celebrity magazines. Kyle hits People Magazine on page 18  and Jennifer has her arm around him while Kyle is showing off his beats in the hot sun.  The kids were helping her kick off Frigidaire’s Summer Cooking Academy to benefit […]

Cooking with Jennifer Garner: Our Movie Memories

Here’s a fun video I made of our memories from the Kids Cooking Academy with Jennifer Garner and Frigidaire to benefit Save the Children. Remember to visit the site and commit to eat fresh as Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children. What a wild day. 10 years ago, I was a super fan […]

Picking Beets with Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner got down and dirty on the farm with Kenzie and Kyle today in Yorktown Heights, NY to kick off Frigidaire’s Kids’ Cooking Academy Summer Session in support of Save The Children. You can help by just visiting the Frigidaire website and committing to eat fresh foods – and Frigidaire will donate $1 to […]

Hanging with Jennifer Garner at the Frigidaire Kids’ Cooking Academy

Tomorrow, the kids and I will be hanging out on a farm with Jennifer Garner. Hopefully, we’ll survive the 101 degree heat and my casual style choice of shorts, tank, and flip flops will suffice for my “field day” farming activity with my most favorite celeb. Wonder if Jennifer’s stylist helps her pick out an […]

Global Handwashing Day

Last week when we helped Save the Children package up food for 900 kids in Kentucky it was a huge reminder about all that we have and that so many do not. And how easy it can be to help by donating or just raising awareness. So I’m going to be sharing more of Save […]

Kyle's Moments with Jennifer Garner

The little guy really is a heartbreaker.  At least Jennifer Garner and I think so. I love these pics of him chatting away with my fave movie star. The kids were captivated and totally driven by their task of packing 900 snack boxes for Save the Children to benefit kids in Kentucky.  Kenzie & Kyle […]

Hanging with Jennifer Garner to help Save the Children

What a day! We got to spend time with the always lovely Jennifer Garner and as usual it did not disappoint  – especially for this die hard once obsessed Alias fan! We took the train up to NYC to package snack boxes for 900 kids in Kentucky as part of an event to help  Jennifer […]

TJ Maxx Teen Choice Celebrity Buzz

Take a tour of the TJ Maxx Teen Choice Gifting lounge where we asked celebs to sign these incredible reusable totes to auction off on eBay to raise funds for Save the Children.  Did you know that 1 in 5 children in the US live in poverty? We were able to chit chat with all […]