Kyle’s 1st Trophy -Soccer Bobble Head Style!


Really. A trophy with a soccer bobble head. Hilarious, adorable and very cool all at the same time. My little 4 year old was so thrilled yesterday when he received his very 1st trophy. This was his 1st year to play on a soccer team and he just had the most marvelous experience. I’m SUPER […]

Kyle Plays His 1st Soccer Game!


The little guy is now starring in this Ecuador Soccer Films clip thanks to his prowess on the soccer field. Mike made this awesome 1 minute clip for Kyle to remember his big day and for me since I had to miss the 1st game to coach Kenzie’s 1st field hockey game. Check him out […]

The Soccer Kids

So we’ve finally joined the ranks of the millions of ¬†American Families who have their kids enrolled in some kind of Soccer program. The little guy kicking the ball. A rare moment as his preference is to carry the soccer ball. Why kick and dribble when it is so much faster to pick up the […]