Taking the Plunge with Swim Team Photos!


After great debate, we took the plunge for swim team photos for 6 year old Kenzie. Somehow I wasn’t going to do the individual photo figuring it would be something we could just “skip.” Luckily friends convinced me otherwise. I don’t know what I was thinking -other then it was a combination of exhaustion from […]

Olympic Dreams: Like Mother, Like Daughter

swimming 1984 v

It’s an Olympic year and I’m already feeling the excitement even though they are still 6 months away. I think of the Olympics and literally just FEEL for the athletes and families dreaming of competiting in the games and those who ultimately get there to represent their country. I remember my dreams of the Olympics […]

Future Swim Star

How cute is this? Sporting a bathing cap for the very first time, Kenzie is ready to tackle her 2nd day of pre-team swim practice….. Getting this on her head was next to impossible and a total mom fail on my part. Luckily, another more experienced Mom came to our rescue when she saw Kenzie […]

The Big Jump

Conquering the diving board. No simple task. I’m so proud of my little girl! My heart is still bursting hours later after watching her jump off the diving board for the very 1st time. Watching her took me back to a summer 30 years ago when I too was only 4 years old. I still […]

Kenzie’s Swim & Jump

Check out this video! I’m so proud of my little girl.  I mentioned how those swim lessons were the best $104 ever spent for the girl who feared putting her face and head under water. As you can see she has no fear and takes a big jump and swim into the deep end of […]