Fancy Nancy Dress Up Clothes

Fancy Nancy Role play outfits and accessories are finally here. Pair these Fancy Nancy Dress Up Clothes with the cute stories and it looks like Fancy Nancy might just begin to rival Disney Princess! Kenzie loves Fancy Nancy! We also own the crown and love that too! For more information, click here. Price: $25

Baby B’air Flight Safety Vest

Classy Mommy is ultra impressed with this safety item for babies traveling by airplane. The Baby B’air is a vest that your lapheld infant or toddler (under 2 years old) can wear which enables you to strap your safety belt into the back of their vest to keep your child secure. Considering most parents to […]

Personalized Toddler Sized Apron and Potholder Set

Classy Mommy is crazy for the Personalized Aprons from the Diaper Bag Wrangler Company – a mom owned and operated indie craft biz. These adorable aprons come with a potholder and are sized just right for toddlers and kids. Reversible and machine washable too – so don’t worry about them getting down and dirty on […]

Crane and Co Children’s Animal Stationary

Crane & Co. has the most classy stationery and now your kiddies can use their fine paper for sweet thank you notes too. Their animal collage style collection is fun for the kiddies – frogs, butterflies, turtles, pandas and more. We’re always getting little surprises for the Kenzie and Kyle from our relatives and we […]

RuffleButts Bloomers

We’re loving these flirty, frilly, and totally girly ruffled bloomers from RuffleButts. Perfect for crawling babies, toddlers or pre-schoolers in sundresses. The perfect new baby gift as the little ones can wear them over a diaper and you could even use them as panties years later when your baby is a potty trained preschooler! Kenzie […]