Tiny Love’s Tiny Princess Gymini Move ‘n Play Activity Mat

I recently had the opportunity to check out a new item from Tiny Love with my sweet newborn baby girl.

The Tiny Princess Gymini Move ‘n Play is an activity mat designed for little girls, but it is not your average play mat.

I will admit that, at first, I was skeptical that there could be anything all that new or interesting about an activity mat.  I had one for my son who is now 20 months old and barely used the thing because he simply was not interested. But, the Tiny Princess Gymini Move ‘n Play is already a hit with my 1 month old, so I have high hopes for this item!

Here’s my baby girl Sophia checking out her new mat.

The difference between this activity mat and others is that the Tiny Love Gymini activity mat allows you to move the arches and the hanging items so that they are just where your baby can focus and reach them.  I was amazed that my little girl was amused for a good 10-15 minutes without any interaction from me because she could see (and occassionally accidentally hit) the cute hanging toys.  Once I turned on the music and lights she was even more entranced!

In addition to the unique ability to move the arches and hanging toys, this activity mat has the standard features you want in an activity mat, including items on the mat which crinkle, a mirror for baby to check herself out, and it folds up easily for storage.  The moveable arches, though, are really what makes this mat stand out from others, and I think this mat will get a lot of use as my little girl grows.  Very cool!  It retails for $74.99.  It also coordinates with other items from Tiny Love in their Tiny Princess line.

Disclosure: A sample was provided to facilitate this review, but the opinions expressed are mine alone.


  1. Sharyn says:

    Your baby girl is absolutely gorgeous. Honestly speaking, she is truly beautiful. WOW! She looks like she is loving her activity mat.

  2. KerryBruni says:

    Thanks Sharyn! She does love her activity mat, and it buys me time to fold some laundry, read my son a book, or eat a hot meal (quickly). Every minute counts :-)

  3. Awesome! Good thing I saw this blog. I know what not to and what to buy for my baby. Thanks for this!

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