Waterproof Allergy Awareness Labels and Stickers 

Calling all parents of Allergy kids! You’ll love these easy to use and super cute Allergy Awareness labels and stickers that make labeling your kiddos lunch bags, backpacks, jackets, or other essentials a cinch. If your child has a food allergy, you know that waterproof allergy awareness labels and stickers are an essential! Name Bubbles sent us some gluten free and egg allergy sticker and labels. My 3rd grade son, Kyle, has celiac disease and needs to eat gluten free always. When he was younger, he also had the very common egg allergy which luckily he outgrew of by Age 4 making our life far simpler given his ultimate celiac diagnosis. It’s far easier to eat gluten free foods that we can buy in the store but many of which include eggs.

Aren’t these CUTE?

waterproof allergy awareness labels and stickers

Waterproof Allergy Awareness labels and stickers

Check out NameBubbles.com for some easy solutions to label your kids bags. A great way to remind others of their allergies especially to make it noticeable in a crowded school cafeteria or a day camp where not everyone near your child will be aware of their allergies. These could be a lifesaver!

Name Bubbles ­an easy way to alert others to your children¹s allergies – from nuts to gluten to milk and more. Plus – these are water proof and a great way to label all you need all year long – from Halloween bags to lunch boxes.

waterproof allergy awareness labels and stickers


waterproof allergy awareness labels and stickers

Name Bubbles also makes all kinds of personalized kids name labels too.


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