Yum!!! Cuties Juice Smoothies

Cuties Juice is available in mini 8 oz bottles. Love it! All natural, no sugar added and gluten free too!

We’re always looking for all natural snacks that have no sugar added – and are gluten free for my Kyle – so the kids were thrilled when they were tasked to sample the brand new Cuties Juice that is now served up in adorable little jugs.

Even better, Cuties also has “Smoothies” in a jug. Total hit for Kenzie and Kyle. These are DELICIOUS! The kids love them and I also sampled each of their flavors and thought they were super yummy.

Where can you buy Cuties Juice???

Walmart carries 4 single serve varieties including the above Tangerine Strawberry Smoothie, Clementine Mandarin Blend , and Tangerine Blueberry Smoothie. The kids devoured these and they were such a fun after school snack with zero artificial ingredients. Walmart also sells big multi-serve bottles but I love the convenience of these mini jugs especially if you want to freeze them to include in a lunch box for school.

 More Cuties Juice Facts:

  • All Natural,  No Sugar Added, 100% Juice, No Artificial ingredients
  • 150% of Daily Value of Vitamin C
  • Pure Squeezed with 2 servings of Fruit in every bottle
  • Gluten Free
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  1. sharyn says:

    look delicious. I think I shall try them.

  2. I totally have to get these for my kids – they look so good!

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