Mega Bloks Toys for Everyone!

What a day! Yesterday was Kyle’s “special day” as we were invited to host a Mega Bloks Thomas the Train party for all Kyle’s friends.  My little guy  3 year old guy was able to shower his entire preschool class with a new set of Thomas Mega Bloks. The kids were obviously THRILLED with the … Read more

Fashion Friday: Pirate Style!

Ahoy Matey! Eye patch and bandanna are all it really takes to be a Pirate. Kyle styles it up Pirate Style last night when the kids were pretending to be at Disney World. Our whole basement transforms to different parts of Disney World – Downtown Disney, the Polynesian Hotel, and the Pirates of the Caribbean … Read more

These are the days….

The children love to play in the churchyard after preschool – this truly must be the happiest graveyard in the world as it is constantly full of laughter and smiles. Spying on the sheep, sitting on gravestones pretending they are trains or cars, and playing tag. The perfect way to spend a gorgeous Fall day … Read more