How To Throw a Disney CARS Themed Birthday Party

Disney Cars Inspired Party Decorations Games Ideas

Check out our photos and tips on how to throw a Disney CARS Themed birthday party – it’s super easy! With decorations and games this cool, kids will leave the party feeling like they were a member of Team McQueen’s race crew for the day. What fun!   We are giant fans of hosting birthday […]

2013 Honda Accord, Coupe, Hybrid: Four new reasons to be a fan

accord pro

All I’ve ever known are Hondas. My first car was a brown 1985 Honda Accord. Then I upgraded in college to a red, sporty 1995 Honda Civic that I named Red Jubilee. And now, at age 28, I drive around a 2003 Honda Accord I fondly call Silver Sal. It’s tough to imagine switching brands […]

Buying a car on eBay: A deal or a disaster?

4 year old Kenzie is still desperately seeking a minivan and Mom (aka me) would have opted for something more practical & less expensive than a Mercedes CLS, but2 months in to my husband’s somewhat controversial eBay used car purchase, I’m happy to report all is well. If you recall, Mike saved over $6000 buying […]