Corolle Doll Carrying Bed

Corolle doll carrying bed

How cute is this doll bed from Corolle? The Corolle Doll Carrying Bed is complete with carrying straps and a built in pillow, this lovely doll bed is easy for the youngest toddler or preschooler to carry but also still lots of fun for little girls in elementary school like my daughter Kenzie in 2nd […]

Corolle Dolls Galore!

Corolle Les Cheries Dolls

I’m thrilled to be working with Corolle Dolls again this holiday season. And as you can tell by these photos my little girl Kenzie is even more excited to be my product tester! We’ll be posting reviews of some of favorite Corolle treasures over the next few months. Corolle is the champion of baby doll […]

Corolle Les Cheries Dolls for Aspring Fashionistas

Kenzie Les Cheries

Once your little girls outgrow the lovable cozy “my first” baby dolls from Corolle, have no fear. Trust me, they will graduate with glee to the Les Cheries doll line which is full of vibrant fashion – including everything from ski jackets to equestrian wear to denim trends to ballet style. 7 year old Kenzie’s […]

Fashion Friday: Corolle Baby Carriage – the Bugaboo of Doll Strollers

Corolle Baby Carriage

Check out this styling Corolle Baby Carriage for the younger set. Little girls will be coveting this contraption! These are some serious wheels and without a doubt the Corolle Baby Carriage is now the Bugaboo of all doll strollers. Kenzie took this for a spin and she fell instantly in love with it. Along with […]

Anatomically Correct Boy & Girl Potty Training Dolls from Corolle

corolle potty training dolls

Wow! Honestly, in all my years of reviewing toys for kids this is the first time I’ve ever seen anatomically correct Boy and Girl dolls I’ve ever seen on the market for sale. Truly, these Corolle Potty Training dolls really show a realistic rendering of the private parts for both little girls and little boys […]