A winning night at the Dogwood Festival

There’s nothing like a local summer fair. We hopped over to Phoenxiville’s annual Dogwood Festival on Thursday evening for a fun night out with the kids. The excitement of the crowds and the transformation of our ordinary park into a giant carnival atmosphere was thrilling for my kids. The expressions of pure joy on my … Read more

Mother’s Day Tea

I live for these moments. Mother’s Day Tea is just the cutest thing of the year at our preschool. This age is so adorable I want to bottle it up and keep it with me forever – especially someday when I’m all old and alone – I’ll be able to remember and return to that … Read more

My Boy Has Spikes!

Finally! I’ve been waiting for the cute boy hairstyle for years – and looks like the little guy (and his hair!) are ready for Spikes. Mission accomplished yesterday at Snip-Its. With the help of some spiky sticky gel 🙂 We caught Kyle last night quickly glance at himself in the mirror – pause, and then … Read more

Merry Christmas!

Merry Merry! Are you exhausted? Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I’m exhausted but at the same time totally exhilerated by all the excitement and happiness. Can’t wait for 2012 and more new adventures! After a fabulous and non stop week of entertaining out of town guests, hosting parties for friends and family, and volunteering … Read more