My Fly Girl #FunnestSport 

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”-Shakespeare She may not be the biggest kid on the blocks at only 66 pounds, but she has so much heart, determination and never gives up. Proud Mom! I absolutely LOVE this photo from YMCA states of my little girl Kenzie grabbing 2nd place in the 50 … Read more

Kyle Swam 10 Laps!!!!!!!

It’s been a LONG LONG LONG road, but this kid is FINALLY swimming. We are so excited to know that he is now water safe, but he is even MORE excited to officially be able to swim. He now loves loves loves his swim lesson each week. The fear has finally left and with each … Read more

Like Mother, Like Daughter

30 years later…. Like Mother like Daughter at Age 7. Take a peek at Kenzie and I in our 25 Fly Swim Championship Photos. This is seriously too funny. After her swim champs last weekend, I pulled out my old swim stuff to see that both of us finished 5th place in our 25 Fly … Read more