Tide Washing Machine Cleaner Giveaway

Win it! We’re giving away a 1 year’s supply of Tide’s Washing Machine Cleaner to one lucky reader. The idea behind this cleaner is to remove the nasty odors from your machine – especially if you have a HE unit – which often causes a bigger odor given that less water in the wash load often equals more stinky residues building up in the drum, hose or drain.

(I’m anxious to try out this brand new product as I always find I have a funky smell in my washing machine. I’m never sure if it is from the wash basin laundry room sink or my machine but it does often stink after I run a load of laundry! )
Here’s how it works:
To use Tide Washing Machine Cleaner follow these easy steps:
• Place one pre-measured packet of powder into the powder dispenser of your HE machine
• Run a cycle on hot without clothing
• Repeat this process each month to ensure your machine is residue free and performing at its best.
(Tide Washing Machine Cleaner can also be used in traditional machines to rid them of any odors that some loads of laundry may leave behind.)
Enter to win by the year’s supply of Tide Washing Machine Cleaner by: 1. Leave a comment on this blog post below by February 2nd, 2010. Include your email address if it’s not visible on your profile page – so we may contact you if you win.

421 thoughts on “Tide Washing Machine Cleaner Giveaway”

  1. Our HE washer is six years old and showing some wear and tear inside! Please enter my name in your fabulous drawing for the year's supply of Tide Washing Machine
    Cleaner. Many thanks, Cindi