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From the moment we first become parents, we take on that role of protector for our children. There’s nothing like being a Mom and wanting to just keep your baby safe and healthy forever. Sometime things are out of our control and our loved ones have health issues. It can be scary and terrifying.  Especially if you don’t have the funds you might need to pay for special health care services your loved one might require.

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Did you know that the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation makes huge efforts to help children and families in need???  I think this is AMAZING and it’s something lots of people might not even be aware is available. Basically, they have a grant program that people can apply towards.  UHCCF aims to award 20,000 grants by the year 2020. They have already awarded over 13,000 grants!!!!  88.9% of qualified, completed medical grant applications are approved too. INCREDIBLE!


The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation grants are mainly funded by donations from the public and other organizations, so considering donating today to make help give back and make a difference.

My daughter Kenzie was born 4 weeks early and I can remember worrying so much about her in those early days! It never stops! Luckily, she’s grown to be healthy and strong! However, she’s often the “sickest” healthy person I know as she does get sick a LOT due to having bad asthma and an immune disorder that makes her prone to infections like pneumonia.

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Luckily we’re able to manage her health care expenses, since this is small stuff in the grand scheme of health problems a child might have,  but I can’t imagine how challenging it would be if she had a more severe disease and we were challenged to pay for her medical care.  I’m so thankful to hear about this program from the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation.

 If you have a friend in need, please pass on this info so they can apply for grants! 

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UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation Financial Grants for Kids

Please pass on this info to your friends and family members as they might have a need or know someone special that has a medical need. Grant applications are always being accepted – so please send for consideration. 

  •  Grant awards are retroactive to sixty days prior to the date of application and have an expiration date of approximately one year, unless the funds are exhausted prior to the expiration date. The grant will NOT cover any medical costs outside this date range.
  • The applicant must be 16 years old or younger, live in the United States, and receive and pay for care/items in the United States.
  • The applicant must be covered by a commercial health insurance plan.
  • There is a scale of financial eligibility to qualify for a medical grant. Awards will not be granted to individuals in families whose Adjusted Gross Income exceeds the scale.
  • The health care professional is paid directly; exceptions can be made to reimburse the family if adequate documentation is submitted showing the health care professional has been paid.
 Check out all the fine print on the grant application criteria here and if you can check out your Grant Application Checklist here before applying too: http://www.uhccf.org/apply/application-resources/grant-application-checklist/
You can also help fund this marvelous grants by making a donation too. Giving back is always something to feel good about.

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation $50 Amazon gift card Giveaway

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Note: This post is sponsored by UnitedHealthcare. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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  1. I like that they help pay medical costs for kids who really need it and it is such a good Grant Program to help in such a time of need!

  2. I like this program because health costs are so expensive. Even with insurance, costs have gone up and we all need help!