10 Awesome Free History and Government Remote Learning Materials

If you’re a student or teacher who has suddenly switched to cyber learning check out our 10 Awesome Free History and Government Remote Learning Materials. We created this list after considering what’s worked fabulous for my 14 year old who attends a cyber/onsite blended program for accelerated learners and gifted students.

For High School level students prepping for an AP Exam, or for parents/teachers looking to create a cyber or home school curriculum with engaging articles, videos, key takeaways or supplementary writing prompts or exercises, we think these 10 Awesome Free History and Government Remote Learning Materials will be very helpful.

The options are great any upper elementary student, middle school, or high school student, looking for new ways to learn, expand their curriculum and explore interactive media or new perspectives during their independent studies or research projects.

Obviously for anyone prepping AP exams or middle schoolers and older elementary students seeking enrichment the various options listed below will be useful.

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10 Awesome Free History and Government Remote Learning Materials

American Yawp

A Great Resource for reading and learning about everything in American history, this free US History textbook from American Yawp is perfect for remote or virtual learning. With chapters on everything from the American revolution and the Civil war all the way to the Cold War and the recent past, this easily understandable textbook is perfect for all topics of American history. It’s what’s called an “open” resource, which means that teachers or anyone can distribute and download it however you like.

Crash Course US History & World History I and II

Crash Course is a youtube channel full of engaging, educational, fun, and comprehensive videos on everything from biology and computer science to all kinds of history. In three of their many courses, US History, World History I and World History II, they delve deep into important events in the US and around the globe since the beginning of civilization.

You can check out the playlists specific to whatever you need to learn about to find the particular videos you’d like to take a “Crash Course” in to enrich your knowledge.

Complete with pictures, quotes, animations, and jokes, this is a great resource for students or enthusiasts to learn new things in a cool visual and engaging manner.

10 FREE HISTORY and GOVERNMENT Distance Learning Resources

PBS American Experience

From shorts and documentaries to timelines, interactive exercises, and articles, PBS American Experience covers many different aspects of American history. This is a great website full of different resources for learning about all different aspects of American life today and in the past.


Put your students into action with these games and lessons. – grades 7-12

Engaging Congress

Free civics/government primary source-based interactive that is intended for distance learning.  It can be used on the web or downloaded as an app from Google Play or Apple Store. – grades 7-12

Lumen Learning

This resource has amazing informations covering tons of topics US History and Government. They break sections down nicely with key takeaways that are Kenzie’s favorite part when she utilized this resource for her Liberty and Democracy course. Excellent for AP US History and the materials are great for students when they need backgroud info for a research paper or for teachers to provide extra articles or perspectives for students. 

Ken Burns in the Classroom

This site has historical documentary films on everything from the Revolutionary War to the contemporary United States. These educational films will give students everything they need to know about the United states from the very beginning to where we are today.

10 FREE HISTORY and GOVERNMENT Distance Learning Resources

Smithsonian’s History Explorer

Smithsonian’s History Explorer offers tons of distance learning materials, access to artifcat collection digitally and interactive exercises, media, and activities for kids of all ages K-12.

American Revolutionary War Museum

The American Revolutionary War Museum headquartered in Philadelphia has virtual tours, lessons, and all kinds of resources for educators, parents or students to download and enjoy.

The Museum offers comprehensive activity plans full of primary sources, high–quality images, and provocative questions. You can also print out our free “Color the Collection” coloring book for kids.

You can even take a virtual “Field Trip” to the Revolutionary War Museum! Go behind–the–scenes with Scholastic’s “Beyond the Battlefield” with host Lauren Tarshis, author of the I Survived series of children’s historical fiction novels. Along the way, meet Adrienne Whaley, Senior Manager of K–12 Education, and Matthew Skic, Associate Curator. See real artifacts and documents from the Revolutionary era, learn the stories of two teenagers who actually served during the Revolutionary War, and see the actual tent that George Washington lived in as he traveled with his soldiers.

Stanford History Education Group

Excellent document based history lessons. FREE downloadable lessons and assessments. Students can access primary sources and documents which is great preparation for advanced coursework like AP History and AP Government.

Virtual Museums

From the National History Museum to the Louvre to The Museum of The World, there are countless incredible museums that students, teachers, or anyone with some extra free time on their hands can tour and gain a wealth of information. The Louvre and the National History Museum hold almost all of their exhibits online where you can tour them through a 360 degree panoramic view.

You can also zoom in and out, and read the signs as well as additional information about the exhibits. The Museum of the World offers an unparalleled virtual museum experience through a flawless website, where you can scroll through time, from the present all the way to 2,000,000 BCE, and examine artifacts and events from around the world. 

Find many other virtual museum tours here that offer tours from Google and link to all kinds of resources.

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