1st Day of School #FindYourHealthy Tricks for the new school year

So it begins!! Kids went back to school this week. I like to think of the week before Labor Day as the “taste of school” since the kids go for 4 days before a long holiday weekend. Then, this week we’ll be going full throttle with back to school routines as we add in all those after school sports and craziness to our schedule too. How do you stay organized amidst the chaos?


The convenience of CVS is a major way I can keep on top of healthy snacks, vitamins for my families routine, and big savings thanks to Extra Care. With over 7800 stores across the country you probably use one just a few miles from your home just like us too!

 Abound for Gluten Free & Healthy Snacks

CVS’s Abound by Gold Emblem is a certain win for healthy snacks and many of them are gluten free too! From convenient popcorn bags and bars that I can pop into the kids lunch bags, I’m always thrilled to grab all that bright green packaging in a rush at my local CVS and know I’m making healthy snack choices for my kids.




School Supplies and Vitamins Galore at CVS

If you need notebooks, pencils or even a new calendar to get organized for the new school year – or to replace those essential supplies mid year or at 8 pm on Weds night when your kid tells you they need poster board — CVS is right around the corner stocked with everything we need!



And you know I’m a fan of Vitamins from the CVS Health line. I can’t get enough of these on the go mini packages full of chewables. These keep me healthy and are literally a part of my everyday routine.



I fear the cold and flu season with my asthma kids and seriously we do all we can to prevent bugs in our house. Boosting vitamin c and making sure the kids take a daily vitamin is part of our routine. Along with probiotics and elderberry gummy vitamins for the kiddos at the 1st sign of illness.


 CVS Pharmacy App for the Win !

Thanks to the CVS Pharmacy mobile app I’m able to use even MORE  ExtraCare rewards when shopping at CVS. Thanks to tech, CVS has made it even easier and more simple s to save time and money with all of the deals conveniently available through the mobile app. Plus, I now always have my Extra Care Bucks on hand to use and I’m able to take advantage of even more stellar CVS Extra Care offers. Plus, YAY for me not needing to I clip coupons either – cause if I forgot it’s all there digitally.

Note: This post is sponsored by CVS. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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