2013 Honda Accord, Coupe, Hybrid: Four new reasons to be a fan

All I’ve ever known are Hondas. My first car was a brown 1985 Honda Accord. Then I upgraded in college to a red, sporty 1995 Honda Civic that I named Red Jubilee. And now, at age 28, I drive around a 2003 Honda Accord I fondly call Silver Sal. It’s tough to imagine switching brands when you’ve never experienced a break down…not once. Except for when I ran out of gas that one time in college, but that’s besides the point. So when I went to Santa Barbara last week to preview the 2013 Honda Accord, Coupe, and Hybrid, I didn’t need to be convinced they were great cars. But I did learn a lot about WHY they are so great, and that just makes me love them even more.


Four of my fave things I learned about the new Hondas (in no particular order)…

#1: “Man maximum. Machine minimum.” Honda built these cars around the passengers. So, somehow, magically, they were able to make smaller cars with more leg room and trunk space. Don’t ask me how. I’ll leave that to those brilliant engineers over there at Honda.



#2 : Honda has  mastered the greenhouse effect

Instead of children having to stare at their door handles while riding, Honda has designed the back seats so even your smallest passengers can enjoy the view.

#3: Get your Facebook and Twitter updates read to you while safely driving.

Very cool! One of the Honda employees was gracious enough to show us the technology behind all these features.

#4: Better gas mileage

Let’s not forget the one thing we all want in a car. Better gas mileage. The 4-cylinder Accord gets 36 mpg for highway and 34 mpg for the V-6 Accord Sedan. The 2013 Hondas beat all of their competitors in gas mileage.

After I learned the background of the cars, the Honda employees trusted me enough to take one of their beautiful cars out for a spin around Santa Barbara wine country. So my friend, Melissa, and I grabbed this Accord and headed out for an adventure. Stay tuned to find out if this car was as great in person as it was on paper. Hope the suspense won’t kill you too much. And off we go!

Disclosure: Thanks to Honda for inviting ClassyMommy to cover their press preview of the Honda Accord and paying our travel & expenses to attend this event in Santa Barbara, CA. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. As it’s the era of hybrid cars we need to be aware of it’s features that will make us danger free and a safe drive on road. Moreover the hybrids are more fuel efficient and emits less emission. As per the EPA it also gives a fast drive with higher MPG instead of harming environment.

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